کې بدلونونه په لور

December 20, 2009 waterswife

I know, I know. I’m alive. No worries.

I need a break. I need a change.

I am thinking of closing down this blog. I just want one blog. (I currently write two) I might be a super FAT super chick, but losing weight is not all I am about. I have a lot of other things about me that I love and that I like to blog about.

Now, don’t go thinking that I am giving up on losing weight. Its just, I am a private person. It took a lot for me to even start this blog and invite people into my life. I am not proud of how I HAVEN’T lost weight this last year. And well, some of you have even emailed me that you are disappointed in me. That kills me.

So, don’t stop following me, please. I am working on getting my own domain and then I’ll direct ya’ll over to that blog. I’ll still post about my ups and downs in the weight loss struggle, but it will be more about me and what I REALLY like to talk about. This is something I need to do for me. I hope ya’ll will understand.



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6 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Amy&hellip  | 

    I'll be following wherever you end up at. You're right-you are more than your weight loss, even though that's what the focus most often is. There is more to life than just being overweight! Love ya girl 🙂

  • 2. Erin&hellip  | 

    All the best!

  • 3. Stephanie&hellip  | 

    People have emailed you that they are disappointed in you? Ouch. Sorry to hear that. You're already hard enough on yourself!BODA weight loss

  • 4. Cortney&hellip  | 

    I second Amy's comment- do whatever is best for you in this so you can be successful. Whatever works *for you* is the perfect way to do things 🙂

  • 5. Jessika Jeppson&hellip  | 

    I am sad that you got such emails. I know the struggle with weight loss… and it is a personal journey. I say good luck to you whatever you do!

  • 6. morewineplease&hellip  | 

    let me know when you make the change~

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