Christmas Stockings …

December 6, 2009 waterswife

I broke my rule and hung our stockings up before Thanksgiving. I was just so excited about how cute Gator’s stocking was, that I couldn’t wait!

Last year was our first Christmas with Chloe and we found her cute pink stocking in the Dollar section at Target. It was perfect for her, because pink is her color and we call her “bear” sometimes. (because her face looks like a teddy bear)

This year when Target put out their Christmas stuff again, we went to see if they happened to have Dollar stockings again. Just our luck, they did!! We got the perfect one for Gator. His color is green and that reindeer looks mischievous … just like Gator!

Tyson’s stocking is on the left and mine is on the right. We got ours at The Quilted Bear last year. They are really nice hand-knitted ones. Truth be told, they are just place holders until we find the ones that really suit us. We had looked everywhere last year and never found any we really liked. We liked these two well enough, and so they’ll work until we fall in love with different ones.

The tinsel is perfect, because Red and White are our colors! 🙂 And sadly, Gator can’t control himself around the tinsel, so it’s since been put away into our Christmas decoration tin. (which is the tin on the bookshelf) The bottom shelf now holds folded blankets, because our apartment gets so cold in the winter!

PS … wondering why there is a bookshelf blocking the fireplace? That would be Chloe AND Gator’s fault. Neither one of them can seem to stay out of the fireplace!!! Soot covered kittens are not my favorite.


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