An Open Letter To Brigham Young University …

November 29, 2009 waterswife

Dear BYU:

You know I am not your biggest fan … for more reasons than just football. But congrats on your win yesterday. As always, (except for our ’04 and ’08 seasons) it was a battle right up to the end. No one can deny that you pulled off a great win. Congrats again. Can’t wait for next year!


A fan that can admit defeat.


Dear BYU Fans,

For reals. This happens every year. And every year I get sucked into it also. Can’t we all just get along? I love a good rivalry, but I think it’s going too far. Next year, lets try a little less rudeness in our smack talk … mmmm kay? It’s supposed to be good CLEAN fun.


A Utes fan offering to wave a white flag.


Dear Utes Fans,

See above. Let’s just be a little better than the other side at all times. We know we’re better than that.

Love Always,

One of U


Dear Max Hall,

Were your comments really necessary? I mean, I get it. You are still upset about what supposedly happened to your family at our stadium last year. That would upset me also, IF that really happened.

Let me tell you a little story, Maxy dear. When I was 10 or 12, my dad took me to a BYU/Utes game at cougar stadium. Of course I was dressed in my red. And the fans in blue threw trash at us. Yep … trash. It wasn’t beer, but it was sick. (Now, as a side note, alcohol is not allowed to be sold in NCAA stadiums, so if some one smuggled beer in, I doubt they’d waste it, but what do I know?) Anyway, I’ve vowed to NEVER to go a game in that stadium again. So I completely get why you’d be upset.

HOWEVER … you just need to learn when to shut up. This is really how you wanted to end your college football run? You really wanted to be known as THAT guy? The guy who generalized an entire school and let your anger get the best of you? Um ok. Good for you.

Since you HATE Utah so much, I hope that you are never in need of medical attention. More major medical research and inventions happen at the U then I think you realize.

Also, I hope you never have to meet our Prophet. You know our pal, President Thomas S. Monson? He graduated from the University of Utah, honey. I am pretty sure that he’s neutral in the Holy War battle, but deep down, he might secretly still be rooting for his alma matter. Did you really call our Prophet classless?

One last thing, my dear little Maxington. Before you jump to conclusions and call all the Utes classless … maybe you should read THIS little tid-bit about my pal Shaky Smithson. After reading that, you tell me he has no class.

Well, good luck in life Maxipad. Unlike you, I actually hope for the best for all people. Even those I can’t stand.


A “Classless” Ute Fan.

PS. I accept your apology … even though I know you meant what you said the first time … and only issued an apology because of potentially getting in trouble with the Mountain West Conference. Fake apologies are kinda classless.


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  • 1. Genevieve&hellip  | 

    This is very well written, good job. I understand his frustration over the way his family was treated, but his comments were just stupid. I don't really cheer for either team… but as an outsider, I am surprised at his lack of class. If I had never heard of BYU until now, I would have a very skewed view of what their core values are. the. end.

  • 2. Adrienne&hellip  | 

    Aimee,I am sorry that Max Hall has truly upset you!! I know that there are incredibly unsportsmanlike fans/people on both sides. I myself have endured (since dad first bought season tickets until 4 years ago) ridiclule for cheering for my team. The beer (that was smuggled in) bath and bottles hurt, the spitting on me was uncalled for, I have never been called so many foul names and the destruction of my Go Cougars! sign senseless. I think that ALL the fans on both sides could use a lesson in diplomacy. I truly feel that Max's comments were due to the heat of the moment and his own frustration with cougar fans on his case. It was a great game and is being overshadowed by this unfotunate event. 🙂 P.S. I am anxiously awaiting our 211 days til Eclipse.:0)

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