Thanksgiving Belly Talk …

November 28, 2009 waterswife

I have the cutest barely 4 yr old nephew on the planet. On Thanksgiving day, he decided to ask me the big question:

“Aunt Mimi … wat’s in yer belly?”

Did I mention … he asked in front of the entire family?

You could feel the tension in the room building. Everyone was waiting to see how I’d field the question.

First I thought about saying:

“It’s a monster!!! RAWWWRR!!!” as I proceeded to tickle him.

But that didn’t feel right. I mean, he’s 4. He’s not a baby and he’s bright enough to realize that my belly is larger than normal.

So I decided to be honest.

“It’s food.”

His eyes widened … “It’s fewd??”

“Yep. Aunt Mimi ate way too much junk food. That’s why you need to eat all your vegetables and the food that your mommy and daddy tell you to eat. Okay?”


And that was that. The entire family went back to what they were doing and he didn’t push the subject any further. I oddly felt liberated. I didn’t lie. I faced the facts and maybe (hopefully) taught the lil cutie a lesson about nutrition. I’m just hoping the next time he asks that … it’s because there’s a BABY in my belly lol.

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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. etta&hellip  | 

    Nice answer! Unfortunately, my 4 year old nephew is also chubby (though it's because his parents feed him crap instead of real food).

  • 2. Val&hellip  | 

    Ahhhh nothing like a kid's brutal honesty 😉 I think you handled it very well!

  • 3. Jessika Jeppson&hellip  | 

    Indeed, congrats.

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