Lil’ Critters …

November 28, 2009 waterswife

Aside from our Utes unfortunate loss against BYUck, Tyson and I had a pretty good day. We went to the animal shelter to hold the kittens. They are so cute and so starved for attention. I love them so much! This time they had an adorable exotic kitten that was butterscotch colored. Tys named him Scotch. Isn’t he adorable??

(such a snuggler)
(please ignore me. I don’t tend to get gussied up for the shelter lol)

Then we ran to Petco to pick up some more Halo for our kittens. While there, I couldn’t stop watching the mice. They are SO cute … when they are in a CAGE. (totally gross and scary when out of the cage) lol.

(There were like SIX of them stuffed in this TV thing)

Tyson says that since I though the mice were cute, but ONLY in a cage, I should get a Zhu Zhu pet. LOL!!


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  • 1. etta&hellip  | 

    My friend is looking for Zhu Zhu pets for her daughter for Christmas. I look each time I go shopping just in case I find one.

  • 2. Genevieve&hellip  | 

    OMG! I never knew ZhuZhu pets were so cute. They seem pretty realistic. It's interesting how they move kind of slow like a real hamster and don't freak out like a gerbil. The animal shelter always makes me cry. I can't leave there without having a good sob about the kittens behind the bars. I love to hold them and think about taking them home… but when I have to leave, I always cry. Ugh! This was a great post!!

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