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November 21, 2009 waterswife

So of course I went to the midnight showing of New Moon. I went with my sister-in-law, my niece, and my sister’s friends. My sister randomly couldn’t make it, because she caught the piggy flu!!

Anyway, I had a BLAST!!! It was PACKED though. Packed is really an understatement. I was SO glad we had assigned seats (even though we were on the front row!!)

I’ll give my review of the movie after the pictures. So if you don’t want to be spoiled … DO NOT READ!!!

(Packed in at The District)

(We got our drinks and our popcorn, we’re set!)
(I was excited to see Edward showed up to our theater!)
(But sadly, so did Jacob)
(Since we were on the front row, I used my blanky as a headrest. Sorry for the grainy pic, my cell has issues)
(ooooo the opening title!!)

(drool. I am Team Edward all the way!)

(OMG. I just love this movie)


*Overall, I give the movie an A-.

*I loved that there was COLOR in this movie and not just a blue hue.

*I rewatched Twilight last night and Bella wears that same yellow coat in Twilight that she does in the scene where Edward leaves! I love that they kept little things like that

*I still don’t understand why Edward’s Volvo switched to black. I mean, I don’t care, I just don’t get it.

*Ok, after seeing the movie and re-reading the book, I don’t HATE Jacob, but I am still Team Edward. But I also do understand Jake more now.

*I really loved how close to the book they kept this movie. It made it much more enjoyable.

*What was with Alice?? I loved her sticky out hair in the first movie. I wasn’t so much a fan of her “mom” look this movie. Her clothes were awful.

*The Volturi was awesome. Although, for all the hype, Dakota sure had a tiny part. I know Jane has a small part in the book also, but I guess I just thought there’d be more.

*Also, the dude on the left of the three Volturi leaders … I can’t remember his name … but um, Ozzy Osbourne much? Seriously!! Long black hair, and I didn’t understand a word he said!!

*As cheesy as the future Bella and Edward running and sparkling scene was, the more I’ve thought about it … the move I really kinda like it. They were happy and carefree! And you know the sparkle effect was TONS better than the first movie.

*The graffics in this movie were SO good. I loved that when the vamps ran, you could see like … sound waves, or whatever. Like the picture bent around them. It was cool. And I guess it was cool seeing the wolves morph also. LOL

*I loved the awkward three-way date at the movies with Bella, Jacob, and Mike. Totally funny. There were a lot of funny parts that just really made it awesome. FACE PUNCH is an awesome name for a movie btw.

*Hello Charlie!! I loved Billy Burke in the first movie and he is totally awesome in New Moon. He’s just perfect!

*The ending was just awesome. I agree with everyone who said it keeps you wanting more.

Well, there’s my review. I’m going to see it again this weekend!! And hopefully I’ll have a better view when I’m not on the front row. I cannot wait for the next movie, Eclipse to come out in June!!! I’m pretty sure I’ll do a midnight screening then also!


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