Flying Water Cats …

November 17, 2009 waterswife

For some reason, Gator likes to sit on the edge of the tub (in between the two curtains) and watch the water while I shower. Today he was being clumsy and was slipping off the edge. So I shooed him away and went back to showering.

Not two minutes later, a flying Gator comes soaring over the top of the shower curtain rod. OVER THE TOP. Um what? I’m just minding my own business, washing my hair, and a cat comes over the top of the shower!!!

I, of course, scream at the top of my lungs and Gator freaks out as he realizes he heading for … WATER! So mid-jump he grabs onto the shower curtain bar. Imagine a gymnast swinging on a bar. That is what he was doing! I try to grab him to help him down and he freaks out more. I guess he really just didn’t want a bath! (not that I was even wanting to give him one!!)

Anyway, long story short, Gator escaped the whole ordeal with just a little bit of wet fur and I escaped with a gash on my hand.

We should have named him Evil Knievel.


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  • 1. Paige&hellip  | 

    Oh my gosh, Aimee, that was a hilarious story! I am laughing out loud. What a funny cat! I'm sure it scared you to death to have something fly over your head when you're in the shower!

  • 2. Charlotte&hellip  | 

    Oh my gosh, that is so funny and crazy!!! Jasmine just lays by the shower curtain hoping she can get some warmth from it and is laying in the same place every time waiting for me … but as my vet said … remember, Jasmine is a very old sweet lady. This is true …Now on the other hand, you have unruly teenagers ,… ; hang in there … Love,Mom

  • 3. Kathryn&hellip  | 

    Joe is now asking me from the other room what I'm laughing so loudly about.

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