Like A Bull In A China Shop …

November 7, 2009 waterswife

It ever ceases to amaze me how much being obese effects my life. Of course there is the obvious fact that physically I cannot do all I want. But mentally I am hindered as well.

Today we went and hung out with family. We went to Color Me Mine. Its a place where you purchase raw pottery, paint it, and then they fire it and get it back to you. Sounds fun, right? Well, I had a blast, but I also had a lot of anxiety while there. First of all, I was constantly worried about my belly knocking the pottery off the shelves.

Finally I got through the process of picking my pieces and went to sit down at our table. The table we were sat at was one of those taller ones with the tall chairs. Sigh. Ok. After giving myself a mental pep-talk, I managed to hoist my self up on the chair. Not 4 minutes later, my legs started to go numb.

So I decide to just stand while I paint. Of course then my back started hurting. Really?! I can’t seem to win!

I ended up getting a regular chair and looking like a hobbit. (Short chair, tall table, you know)

I don’t mean to sound like I didn’t have a good time, I really did! I just hate that my body puts me in such a bad mood. I am glad we are working towards a healthier life. It will be a welcome break to not be so consumed with thoughts like these.


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  • 1. Amy&hellip  | 

    I understand and feel the same way. I dread certain activities and social situations because I know my weight will make me uncomfortable and on edge. I'm glad nothing broke and that you still had a good time. Love ya girl!

  • 2. Crystal&hellip  | 

    Hey, thanks for the compliments on my blog … I'm glad you like it!I came across your blog by just going to other blogs I read and checking out their blogrolls!! I do this often as I find the more blogs I can read in regards to weightloss and healthy living help keep me motivated 🙂

  • 3. Jocelyn&hellip  | 

    hey girl..I can totally relate to what you are going through. It is a constant battle between myself and my mind and all those nasty thoughts about my body. Good thing we are both on the right path towards a healthier life 🙂

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