Halloween Kitties …

November 2, 2009 waterswife

The kittens were good sports this year and let me dress them up. I know, I know. Some of you think this is cruel. But honestly the whole thing took 5 minutes and they were just fine the entire time.

Chloe was a pretty princess this year. We found her costume at Target for $7! We really thought she’d freak out about the hat, but she just sat there and waited patiently for me to finish taking pictures.

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Gator is a typical little brother and got Chloe’s hand-me-downs from last year. I love this kitty skeleton hoodie. It glows in the dark, but we didn’t test that out this year.

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We distracted Gator with a balloon. He had so much fun and didn’t even realize I was taking pictures.

This one is the best picture EVER!!!! Gator says: “RAWWWRRRRRRRrrrr!!!”

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  • 1. etta&hellip  | 

    Chloe doesn't look very happy about the dress. Looks like she's plotting your death or something.

  • 2. Jen&hellip  | 

    SUPER cute! Brit wouldn't let me dress the dog for halloween, so we were boring. Chloe does look like she's plotting your death. But I'm impressed at how calmly she's doing it.

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