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September 28, 2009 waterswife

You’ll never guess that I am sick … again! Hubby had a horrible cold all last week and I felt really sore and run down. I thoughnt it was just me fighting off the cold. The weird part is that I had a rash on my neck that started to really burn and hurt. So I gave in and went to the doctor on Friday. Yay me, I have SHINGLES!! This is the SECOND time I’ve had them in 4 years. Here is the link to the picture of my neck:

So after I discover I have the shingles, I came down with hubby’s cold! My throat is on fire! But I am loving these Soup at Hands by Campbells. What is it about their soup that is soooooo good when you are sick?

I started getting worried about the calories though, because I’ve probably downed 5 of them in the last day. So I jumped onto the Weight Watcher’s site and guess what …. they are only ONE POINT!!!! WAHOO!!!

So I guess I just don’t understand my body. I’ve eaten healthier and moved more in the last year than I have in a very long time and yet I have been SICKER than I’ve been in a long time. What the heck? n

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  • 1. Amander&hellip  | 

    I'm always a fan of Lipton Noodle soup when I am sick.Hope you feel better soon!

  • 2. etta&hellip  | 

    Ugggh… I just got over my cold. I'm still fighting off the cough.

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