Slow and Steady Wins the …Weight Loss?

September 20, 2009 waterswife

Ugh. I am just going to ignore the fact that I haven’t blogged all summer. Let’s just pretend that the blog took a summer vacation. Sounds good?

So lets do a summer recap. Back in the spring, I was pretty darn frustrated with my weight loss plan. I was HATING going to weigh in with our trainer dude. I dreaded it every single week. And we weren’t seeing any results, because we weren’t putting forth the effort. So we stopped going. We took some time to regroup and then decided we wanted to try Weight Watchers.

Oh. My. Gosh. Hello?! Why have I not been going to WW before now? First of all, weekly classes are amazing. I love our instructor, Rebecca. She makes me laugh so hard. There are a few crazy people in our class, but for the most part, I really enjoy what everyone has to say. I’ve said this a few times, but I get more out our class than I ever did in therapy. And on that note, I threw therapy out the window also. Every time I leave class, I am renewed. I feel like I am not alone in this struggle.

I also am loving using their online tools. They have some pretty cool software to research points and document what I’ve eaten that day. And the recipes … oh the recipes. There are like a million of them on their website. Ugh love it!

So how much have I lost? Well, I am sitting at 11 lbs right now. I feel WONDERFUL about that. I keep struggling with wanting to be upset at myself. That I should have lost more by now. But the fact of the matter is that I’ve lost that weight with out working out. Well, with hardly working out.

Why haven’t I been working out? Good question. First of all, I am a lazy bum. LOL. But also, I really am struggling with some lung issues. I had that bout of bronchitis at the end of Spring, and then it came back in July. None of the medicines were helping. I was given an antibiotic right before we left for our cruise and it made me throw up for 3 days straight. Wanting to enjoy my trip, I stopped taking the meds. When I got home, I went to my regular doctor instead of urgent care. She xrayed my lungs and decided it was double pneumonia. So more medicine and an inhaler later, and that’s cleared up. Now my doctor is concerned that I have exercize and/or allergy induced asthma. I am only needing my inhaler about once a day right now, and we are hoping to get down to twice a week.

I went back to my water aerobics class last week. Of course I forgot my inhaler and had an attack mid class. But I just moved to the side of the pool and calmed myself down. It felt good to be back in class. After class I was talking to a friend I’ve made there. We talked about asthma and how annoying it is. We have to work out to become healthier, yet the harder we work out, the sicker we seem to feel! So slow and steady seems to be the best way.

Keeping with the slow and steady theme, I made a small goal to stop taking the elevator at work … down. LOL. I am not ready to take the stairs UP, but for three weeks straight, I’ve only taken stairs down. I know it’s a silly thing, but I feel it is helping. I’m also trying to walk on my lunch break. I’d like to do this all 5 days a week, but I am averaging 2 – 3 days right now.

So that’s where I am at! Small steps, but we’re getting there. How are ya’ll? Is anyone still reading this? I miss ya’ll!


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  • 1. Amy&hellip  | 

    WW is definitely a blessing, and it sounds like you have a great teacher. I know it's hard when it comes off slowly, but you have had a lot of things in your way. Plus just think–thats 11 pounds off. If you're like me, I probably would have GAINED 11 lbs, had I not lost them. Steady steps and commitment will get you far. I'm proud of you and I love you so much. Soon you'll be doing the stairs up AND down. You've got the right idea!

  • 2. Jen&hellip  | 

    I absolutely love weight watchers! I'm so glad you like it. I only ever did their online program, though. I feel like it's really motivating to work out when you get the immediate "prize" of earning points.

  • 3. Lauren&hellip  | 

    Good for you! I'm so happy that you found something that works for you and that you like. And slow and steady definitely wins the race in this case. I lost 30lbs. really fast just due to stress, sick, and poor diet (I was NOT trying to, that's not how I work. I was just in a rough patch in my life.) and half of it came right back over this last summer, even though I was eating better and actually exercising. I tend to get easily frustrated, and reading this is inspiring to me. Great job, keep up the good work!

  • 4. etta&hellip  | 

    Good for you! We've been on WW for a month now and are seeing good results. I'm at 6 lbs (with little exercise) and my hubby is at 22 lbs (he goes to the gym). We're doing the at-home plan and are our own little support group (along with another couple). I love how easy it is to follow!

  • 5. Cortney&hellip  | 

    I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way, but I have to admit I was pretty disappointed when you stopped updating, and after awhile I just thought "too bad, i thought she was really going to do it"- I know that was a negative conclusion to jump to, but really I was just sad about it. It makes me so, so happy though to read that you lost 11 pounds over the summer though, so glad to know you were just taking a break from blogging. I really look forward to seeing where you'll be in the next 6 months! I also hope your health issues clear up- nothing is more frustrating than chomping at the bit to start an exercise program and getting sidelined by injury or sickness 😦

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