September 13, 2009 waterswife

Two posts down I complained about the uproar of President Obama speaking to the school children. And while I won’t even get into the fact that I STILL think people are being silly about it, I just wanted to share something that adds to what I was trying to say.

One of Tyson’s friends posted a quote from President Hinckley on his Facebook status and we really loved it. We wanted to know where it came from and of course found the answer out on LDS.org.

I think the entire paragraph is amazing:

“There is rampant among us a spirit of criticism. Perhaps it is a part of the age in which we live. We are constantly exposed to the writings of newspaper columnists and the opinions of radio and television commentators. Their major objective, it seems to me, is to find fault. They are critical, sometimes viciously so. They are critical of political figures. They are critical of church leaders. None of us is perfect; all of us occasionally make mistakes. There was only one perfect individual who ever walked the earth. Men and women who carry heavy responsibility do not need criticism, they need encouragement. One can disagree with policy without being disagreeable concerning the policymaker.” -President Hinckley.

If you’d like to read the entire article, go HERE.

This is the point I was trying to make. We need to encourage our leaders to do MORE things like speaking to our children and telling them to stay in school. We need to encourage them, not rip them apart for trying to do something actually GOOD!

One the most frustrating things to me is that I am not good with words. I have a million thoughts in my head and when I do try and share them, they come out all jumbled. I also speak emotionally, so then it just comes across all wrong. It’s always nice when some one who CAN speak clearly can jump in and say what I am trying to say. And in this case, I am glad that we found this quote from President Hinckley. It just fit the situation perfectly.


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