Some Catching Up …

May 17, 2009 waterswife

Okay, so much to get caught up on!
First, a little brag session. Someone in our house got a perfect 4.0 this semester at the U. (hint: It’s NOT me!!) It’s TYSON!!! I am so proud of my Utah Man! He’ll be taking the next couple of semesters off to rack up some volunteer hours and apply for his major and if all goes to plan, he’ll be accepted to his major and back in class winter semester.

Also, we are both almost over these crazy illnesses we’ve had. Tyson had a horrible virus/cold thing, but now just has a lingering mild cough. My sinus infection seemed to clear up with a round of Amoxacillin, but two weeks later I still was having horrible coughing fits and felt miserable. After LOTS of encouragement from Tyson, I went back to the doctor this last week and was told I now had bronchitis. Sooooo, I was given a Z-pak, which has helped me feels tons better. That brought our grand total of prescriptions for the both of us to 4!

(My desk at work looks like a mini pharmacy)

In other, exciting news, my super awesome friend from high school/old neighborhood, Amy B was in town this week and I was able to meet up with her for lunch yesterday! To be real for a minute, I’ve been kind of down and out about friends lately. But having such a great friend like Amy B reminded me that I have really awesome friends … that just happen to live all over America! So, while I might not have many friends who live nearby, I at least have tons of friends that I could take vacations and visit! LOL. Thanks again, Amy B! It was great to have some girl chat!

Lastly, with spring in the air, all sorts of crazy things are falling from the trees and bushes around our place. This weird plant thing landed on my windshield the other day and I about peed my pants because I thught a spider was in the car with me! LOL

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