An Update Of Sorts …

May 17, 2009 waterswife

Sorry for lack of posting everyone! As mentioned in THIS post, I had a sinus infection. Two weeks later, I was still feeling really miserable and was having coughing fits like no other. So I went back to this doc this week and was told that I had bronchitis! At least I was able to finally get on a medicine that is making me feel better.

SIGH. Such is life. Things rarely go according to plan.

A few people have asked me to give them an update on my weight loss. The sad truth is there is NO update. Being sick made is pretty hard to work out, so I had to focus on maintaining rather than losing, or gaining! I think I’ve done a pretty okay job maintaining though. I’ve gotten into the habit of planning out our meals for the week and then sticking to making them, even when I’d rather just eat out. It’s definitely helped out our budget and our waist lines.

Well, that’s it. As usually, I will say: I hope things get better this next week!

PS: OMG, did everyone see Jerry, the at home winner on The Biggest Loser!? SO AWESOME! And sorry, but I am SO glad Helen won!! Not because I liked her (because I didn’t!), but because stupid Tara and dumb Mike thought for sure they’d beat her and that’s why they wanted her in the finals with her. HA! Proved them wrong!

PPS: Don’t forget to check out my weekly post on the OSB blog tomorrow!! (Monday)


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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Weighting4It&hellip  | 

    Hey! I feel ya about the weight loss- so hard when you get sick! Hope you’re feeling better.

  • 2. CJ'SMOMMY*KIMBERLY&hellip  | 

    Ugh I hated Helen won.I didn’t like her since she basically kicked out her own daughter AND she looked anorexic.I know coming from my fat butt that sounds jealous but she did look bad.Too small if you ask me.

  • 3. Fork In The Road&hellip  | 

    love your blog! hope to hear an update soon!

  • 4. Cortney&hellip  | 

    ^ Ditto!

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