DWTS Week 10 …

May 11, 2009 waterswife

So, I was shocked that Lil’ Kim left last week. Extremely HAPPY, THRILLED, and OVERJOYED, but shocked. I just could not stand her.

I love Ty, but really, he should go this week. Unless he can pull off another shock and kick off Gilles, it’s really his turn to go. LOL

On to this week!! I’ll warn ya though, I feel kinda blah about blogging this week (about dwts). I don’t know why, just do. But I can’t NOT blog about it, since I did all the others. LOL. So here it goes:


Melissa Rycroft: I liked the dance, but it was a slight bit boring. Looks like Bruno agrees with me. But I love my Melissa!

Gilles Marini: I’m going to call it right now … boring and the judges will love it. LOL. Yep and Yep! lol

Shawn Johnson
: Love Shawn. Loved the dance. I am glad the judges liked it too. She’s such a cutie.

Ty Murray
: Loves me my Ty! He has improved SO much!! OMG! The judges are totally fighting! LOL WOW.


Melissa Rycroft: I liked this dance a lot better. I really love this song. As always, the judges see things I just don’t.

Gilles Marini: Gilles really is a nice guy. I just wish I liked him. LOL. But he does dance quite well. For some reason I though the was Italian though, not French. Yeah, I have to admit that was a great dance!

Shawn Johnson
: Fun dance! But sad judges scores! Good thing she got a perfect ten last dance!

Ty Murray
: BOO! Did everyone else’s TV cut out and skip half his 2nd dance??? This show does crazy weird stuff when it’s live! So sad!

And there we have it! One more week!


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