DWTS Week 9

May 4, 2009 waterswife

Before I start DWTS, I just wanted to tell ya’ll that there is a FUN give away over on THIS site. Go there!

I’ve got to say that I was surprised to see Chuck and Julianne go last week! But I wasn’t heartbroken lol. Moving on!

First of all, what is up with these three couples dancing at the beginning? Also, what is up with ABC starting their shows two minutes early so my DVR doesn’t catch the beginning of shows and that makes me not know what is going on! LOL. FRUSTRATING!


Shawn Johnson: Aww, little Shawn is so cute! For only being 17, she sure handles stress well. I’d cry way more often if I were her! LOL. Okay, it’s kinda weird that they are dancing to Aladin! I thought it was a good dance … just a little odd. Oh that darn rule! Too bad they “broke the hold”.

Ty Murray
: LOL I love Ty. I liked his leopard print bathrob! WOW!! I think Ty did fantastic! I hate when the judges think differently from me, because I don’t get how I miss what they see! LOL. But hey, pretty good scores!

Lil’ Kim
: Ugh, so over Lil’ Kim. And as much as I like Derek, I’m kinda over him. Could Hollywood change him more?? Get a haircut, Derek! Oh, guess I should watch this waltz. Looked okay to me. I am sure the judges LOVED it. lol. Oh weird. My DVR is being weird. No joke, I have no idea what their scores are. LOL. The DVR went all weird and froze!

Gilles Marini: My DVR is still freaking out, but now it seems to be okay. Man, I am lost. I didn’t really watch. I got distracted. Plus the DVR was freaking out. LOL. What is up with my technologies?! LOL

Melissa Rycroft
: I am so glad Melissa is back dancing! I really want to see her take this whole thing. AWW I thought that was a very pretty dance. Boring, but pretty. I can’t believe she is dancing through her pain. the judges gave her WAY better scores then they let on! I thought they were going to give her low scores! Good for her!


Shawn Johnson: LOL Mark is such a goof. This will be such an interesting dance to watch Shawn do. OOOO, that a great song! I kinda like this mix of it! Holy cow, I loved it! Loved the dance, loved the music, loved the costumes! Oh Len. LOL. He always has to be the opposite of Bruno haha. Great scores from the judges! I wish she could have had a perfect 30 though!

Ty Murray
: Oh Ty. What a nerdy cowboy. I can’t get over how well Ty is doing this week. Not perfect, but SO much better than when he started! LOL!!! That dance he did at the end to Jewel was SO stiff but so cute and funny! Aw, sometimes I wish the judges didn’t have to be so harsh. BOO! 7’s are way to low. That’s lame of the judges! LOL I can’t believe he said that about his dance to Jewel! HAHAHAHAHA!

Lil’ Kim
: LOL, sorry, but the LAST think I want to see is Lil’ Kim shake her weird butt. But looks like I am going to see it plenty in this dance. Can I please pause life right now and cut Derek’s hair?! It’s SO ugly!!!!!!! I have to admit the dance was cooler than I thought it was going to be. The tricks were pretty awesome.

Gilles Marini: Oh we all know Gilles is going to ace this dance. Ugh. What is wrong with me? I just do NOT find him sexy! He’s so not my type I guess! Oh … the judges didn’t like it! I kinda find that funny … sad and funny.

Melissa Rycroft
: Aw, she is scared to do the solo! I’d be terrified to do ANY of the dances! Hey, I really loved this dance! She is doing great! So energetic. Oh, fun ending. Whoops! Did her top come off there at the end? She is totally flustered right now. She is so worried about her top now! I think this’ll be 3 tens for sure. SHE DID IT!!!!!! YEAH!! Aw Tony! So happy for him!


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  • 1. Paige&hellip  | 

    It seemed like once Chuck and Julianne left, the show was kind of boring! I wasn’t crazy about them but there was a difference without them. The only person I really like that’s left is Melissa. Cheryl drives me crazy! She is so mean to Gilles!

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