I need some O2 …

May 3, 2009 waterswife

I am beyond frustrated right now. I have not been able to work out since

last Saturday!!!

I know, I know. Some of you are totally disappointed in me. But I don’t think anyone is more disappointed than I am.

The reason I haven’t worked out is because I cannot breath. This is probably the longest drawn out sinus infection I have had in a long time. (And yes, I went to the doctor and I am on an antibiotic) But the problem is that I have been on this antibiotic since TUESDAY! I have now taken SIX full days worth of medicine and I still can hardly breath.

I never work out on Sundays, and when it came to working out on Monday, I just felt really sick. By Tuesday, I knew that my allergies had turned into a full infection and so I went into the doc’s office. I hoped that by catching it early enough that I’d be able to recover faster. Boy was I wrong!

So here I am. A week of no working out. A week of laying in bed as much as possible. I can’t stress to you how much I actually miss working out! I actually almost cried on Wednesday night when hubby told me we were NOT going to water aerobics! (In my emotional state, I really thought I could do it even though I couldn’t breath) I miss my water aerobics class so much!!

I am for sure taking tomorrow off, but I really, REALLY hope I can hit the treadmill full force on Tuesday.

Hubby has been sick as well, and I thought you might find the post I put on our family blog funny:

Our week in numbers

Number of stuffy noses: 2
Number of earaches: 4
Number of sore throats: 2
Number of people with coughs: 2
Number of sinus infections: 1
Number of bad viruses: 1
Number of doctor’s visits: 2
Number of prescriptions filled: 2
Number of tissue boxes used: 2
Number of Tylenol Cold boxes bought: 2
Number of Gatorades bought: 6
Number of Airbornes Hubby took: 2
Number of days off work (Hubby): 1
Number of days off work (SuperFat SuperChick): 1 and 2 half days

(Our counter of medicine)

(Our trash is full of tissues and Gatorade bottles lol)

(Hubby’s bedside table. Notice cough drops everywhere and massive pile of tissues!)

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Posted by Picasa

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