DWTS Week 8

April 27, 2009 waterswife

uhhh … Where is Melissa?!?! Another injury?! OH NO!!! Not my Melissa!!!

Gilles Marini: What is with every single star having an injury? Ow! Cheryl hit the floor pretty hard! Why is Gilles making a blow fish face? I know I am supposed to, but I don’t feel any energy with this dance. LOL. I just didn’t like it. Well, I am glad the judges liked it!

Lil’ Kim: Oh Heaven help us! Lil’ Kim is going to be 100% herself tonight. Well, not too bad! Pretty passionate! I like that her boobies are totally covered this week! Hey Lance Bass! Love him! I echo Len’s words! “I was expecting an OH NO! but I got an OLE!!!”

Chuck Wicks: I love this couple! I can’t believe they are still so cute after having to spend so much time together for this! This’ll make or break their relationship for sure! Anyone know how long they dated before the show? Ooo Chuck looks like he’s concentrating very hard. But he’s dancing great! He really has improved! Pretty good scores!

Shawn Johnson: Here’s my couple that I want to be a couple in a year (when Shawn is 18) lol. AWW He brought his mommy to show her the moves! CUTE! Hey I thought that was a cute dance! Don’t know if it was good enough, but I liked it! Oh, Len just said almost the same thing. Yeah, wow all three judges had a way different opinion! HAHA. I agree with Carianne. HAHAHA A 10, a 9, and an 8. Interesting!

Melissa Rycroft: Oh that’s cool they’ll let her be judged by her earlier dance. Obviously it’s not her best dance, but it’s better than a 0. Is she dancing in her bra? LOL. Dang I would kill for her bod though! SIGH, I know already that she’ll get low scores due to the fact she was half dancing. Tyson and I put all our votes on Melissa!

Ty Murray: LOL @ the Bride’s nighty! I didn’t catch that last week! I love Ty! He really is so funny!! Oh my gosh he went tanning!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Lol such an awkward, weird, fun dance! Ooo. Harsh, but true words from Len! I love Ty, I don’t want him to go, but he really isn’t the BEST of the group. Random scores again! YAY that he got a 9! Carianne is in a good mood tonight!

Group Dance #1 Team Mambo: HAHA “We’re one upping the shirt!” Oh all my favorites are on this team! Melissa (Lacey!!), Chuck and Shawn! YAY!!! GO TEAM MAMBO!!! Oh I love that they are doing Beyonce’s moves!!!! I love Lacey! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing SO loud!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP!!!! The best ending EVER!!! I am going to throw up I am lauging so hard! And I just saw my WOZ in the crowd!!! BEST TV MOMENT EVER! Oh weird, I disagree with Carianne for the first time tonight.

#2 Team Tango: Eh, I don’t even have to see this dance. LOL jk. Oh no shirts! Gilles’s chest strikes again! Very cool songs for both dances! Obviously the judges will rank this one higher, because they like these people better (Lil’ Kim and Gilles), but I still LOVED Mambo WAY better. Yep, the judges are so bias! (Again, so am I, but I am not a judge!) Oh Lil’ Kim’s boobies. Uh, their fake hair is stuck!! Now THAT is super funny!! OH GEEZ! Hasn’t Derek learned that you don’t “fake” pass out on this show?! I about peed thinking we had a Marie Osmond part two!!

Prediction: Love him, but Ty is going home. SAD!


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