DWTS Week 7 …

April 20, 2009 waterswife

So obviously I am sad my Steve-O went home. It was his time, but I just hated that the judges never gave him a chance. So sad! Anyway, on to this week:

Melissa Rycroft
: Oh I am super jealous she got a tour of Wisteria Lane!! Lucky girl! I’ve been following Melissa on Twitter, she’s so awesome!! I’m not too sure about this song … and honestly, the dance was a little weird. Hello … were those lifts? Oh I guess they were allowed! Cool then! Great scores!

Lawrence Taylor: The golfing thing was funny! Is Edyta really going to dance in that coat the whole time? I love that Lawrence designed her outfit to cover her up more! Oh it came off. Pretty dress!! Hmm. I think that it was an accident that it was over her head. I’m confused with this dance; there seems to be several mistakes. LOL They are so funny to make fun of Edyta for normally being practically naked!

Lil’ Kim: Poor Derek. Tha tis a lot of pressure to have to not only train the star, but come up with the actual dance too! I guess I’ve never really thought about it before! I don’t think I am a huge fan of this style of dance, because Melissa’s seemed weird and now Lil’ Kim’s does also. “Bring back the raunch!” lol. Oh those crazy judges!

Chuck Wicks: Lol. Chuck is funny. And kinda hot. lol. Wow Chuck really did work hard on technique. Oooo … this might be a perfect ten!! I hope so! They really deserve it! Aw, perfect 9’s. Well I am glad they are glad!

Ty Murray: Awww … Ty is so cute! Such an awkward cute! HAHAHA camera error! I love live TV. He tried so hard this week! I hope they give him at least one 8 or so! YAY!!! THREE 8’s! That is so great for them!

Shawn Johnson
: Wow, how many awards can a girl win in a week! She is sooo stressed out! Poor thing! Was anyone else scared that she was going to fall down those stairs?! I kinda was! WOW! She can move those hips after all! HOLY COW!! Loved every second of it! FANTASTIC! I hope the judges like it! YAY for a ten! I think she deserved THREE though!

Gilles Marini: Oh dear. What kind of swimsuit is that!? LOL Well, I thought the dance was just great! Although, I really can’t stand that grab-her-head-and-swing-it-around move. LOL! It’s weird. Who the heck was talking over Bruno? Len? Weird!

Group Dance
: LOL @ Ty! He’s so so funny!!! This looks like it’s going to be sooo much fun! Lawrence is such a poop! LOL I don’t like this black and white! There is the color! Good. What is wrong with Chuck’s hair?!?! LOL! Ty really did that bull move!!!! LOL Alright! That was super fun!

I think that Ty and Lawrence will be in the bottom two. Possibly Chuck.


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  • 1. Jen&hellip  | 

    Never apologize for blog stalking! I’m adding both your blog to Google Reader. But as fair warning, I’m probably skipping all of your DWTS posts. That show holds no interest for me after they kicked Holly. I love her! (Ok, that’s a lie… I will probably read every one, get sucked into another reality show, and secretly curse your name. You bring it on yourself!)

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