DWTS Week 6

April 13, 2009 waterswife

**Um, I am not sure what happened to my font size and the bold on this post! LOL. So it’s just going to be funky today!**

So, I was not sad to see David Allen Greer go. He just had an angry look on his face a lot of the time, which scared me!! And did you hear he totally bashed the judges when he got kicked off! Does he not realize he has to come back for the finale? Crazy guy!

Ty Murray: Watching a cowboy hula-hoop is seriously funny! That is cute that they worked line dancing into this routine! But he still looked very stiff! I liked the dance. But it seemed slow and of course, stiff. Aw, sad scores. But I since The Woz left, I appreciate having Ty be the one with the best attitude!

Shawn Johnson
: She is such a cute little munchkin! AWW!! That is so cute what Mark did for her with prom!!!! I so wish they would date when Shawn turns 18! WOW! They almost kissed so many times! heehee. I am not sure I liked the “go! stop!”-ness of the dance. But overall it was nice! LOL @ the age appropriate comment! Hey two nines is great!

Lawrence Taylor
: Warren!!!! Oh how I love Warren Sapp!!! Why can’t I connect with Lawrence like I did with Warren? Oh, cuz Lawrence is way to serious! And a potty mouth lol! Well that dance was great, but eh. I’m okay with him going this week.

Melissa Rycroft
: AWW!! The diamond ring analogy! That was sad. Nice! That dance seemed great to me! Pretty hot, but not tooooo much. LOL why did she push him away at the end? So funny. Oh my gosh. Len is seriously the funniest guy! “what have I done?!”. Bruno is nuts. Alright! Not bad scores!

Lil’ Kim: Oh geez. She is dressed as a cop. Heaven help us. Oh Dear. Her boobs! Well okay! I hate to admit it … but I LOVED IT!!! So much fun! I really liked that! Oh Queen Latifa! Love her too! HAHA! Carianne and Bruno are bouncing around and Len is like what the? HA Ha! Oh I totally called it that her boobs were falling out!!! Tom is so awesome. Tens and an 8. Awesome.

Steve-O: Here’s my favorite guy! Oh my gosh. He is such a dirty boy. AWW!! Look at that puppy!! So cute! I want a Boogie dog! Well, it looks like Lacey is doing most of the dancing. Steve is trying though. He’s stiff, but I think he’s trying the hardest he’s tried. Hmm. Mixed reviews from the judges. WHAT?! Those scores are insane. I get so sick of the judges having their biases. Now, granted, I have my favorites for sure. But I am not a judge! They have their favorites and it shows. I do not think Steve-O is a great dance by any sense of the word. But he doesn’t dance any worse than some of the other dances and they still rate him so low!

Gilles Marini
: Oh this is a great song to dance to! WOW. I am certainly impressed by Gilles moves! Derrik did that little run and skate move also. Gilles has finally started to grow on me! It’s about time! I loved this dance! Of course he’ll get all tens though. Oh maybe not. The judges always catch things I don’t. Wow. Way lower than I thought.

Chuck Wicks: Oh that is a lot of pressure to have to show your romance in the dance. AWW Their date is so cute. I do like these two together. Wow. Now that dance was sexy! Of course Len won’t like that HAHA. Yep. I knew it. I think those were lower scores than I thought they’d get!

Well, there you have it! Steve-O will be in the bottom 2 tomorrow, and that will make me sad!!! SAVE STEVE-O!!! lol. (In all reality, I know he needs to go…but I just wish he could have one GREAT dance before he goes!)


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