Judgement …

April 12, 2009 waterswife

Being overweight, I feel like I am often judged by the size of my body. It is probably the most frustrating part of being big. People discard you even before getting to know you.

I have to admit that I judge books by their cover also though.

I shared this video on my regular blog, and I really wanted to share it on here as well.

**EDIT** It looks like youtube has taken off all embedding codes on this clip! Dang it! Just click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-KiGva9dV4

It’s a great message on how we need to stop judging by outward appearances and truly get to know some one.

Hope you are all having a HAPPY EASTER!!!! And managing to avoid all that Easter candy! haha!


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  • 1. Arielle&hellip  | 

    Aw, that’s a really great clip! It definitely made me smile and it really does have a great message.

  • 2. Barbara_in_WA&hellip  | 

    dang….cant listen to it at work. will watch tonight!

  • 3. Lisa&hellip  | 

    I LOVED that. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • 4. Sarah :)&hellip  | 

    A friend of mine shared this on Facebook earlier today. I admit, if it hadn’t been presented to me with a “This is awesome! Watch it!” I would have instantly judged her and assumed she was going to be a wacky, bad audition. We need to see more things like this to open our eyes!

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