DWTS Week 5

April 6, 2009 waterswife

Well I am SOO sad my Woz went home last week! I will miss him the most! I was indifferent that Holly Madison left. I liked her, but I had to laugh at how stiff she was when she danced.

On to this week:

Chuck Wicks
: Still love these two together! How crazy is it that last night they were at the Country Music Awards and that Julianne won something! (I didn’t watch, just heard about it). I wonder if they’ll mention that tonight. I think they did an awesome job dancing tonight! Very beautiful!

Lawrence Taylor: I just realized that I missed half this dance, because the opening clip bored me and I started reading my magazine. Looks like the judges were mostly bored too.

Shawn Johnson: How old is Mark? I kinda think these two are cute together!! (Oh he’s almost 23!! Yay, when she turns 18 they need to date lol) Was that a lift?? OMG! Carianne “let it go” lol. I don’t get the lifts AT ALL! Well I did like the dance though. I don’t know, the walzes are usually boring to me, and this was too, but not TOO bad. YAY great scores!

Melissa Rycroft: HAHA, she finds it hard to be angry?! Your fiance dumped you on national tv last month … GET MAD!!!! OH YAY! Love this song!!!! Holy smokes! HOT! Oops she smiled! lol. Hmm, I think there were a few mistakes, but it looked great all together! Poor Melissa, she looks like she’s going to cry or pass out. Well, not as horrible of scores as I thought. Good, good.

David Allen Greer: lol Sorry, he’s one of my 3 that are left that bore me … I didn’t watch. BAD! I know! oh well! Sounds like the judges don’t like him much either.

Gilles Marini: Now to clarify, Gilles does not BORE me, he just doesn’t catch my interest. I WANT to like him. I know everyone does like him, I just for some reason can’t do it. Maybe this week? Aw his son is cute. Ew, I hate those high tight pants on him LOL. That is the least amount of skin I’ve ever seen on Cheryl. Oh wow, I have to admit that dance was wicked! Oh Len and his peck envy lol

Steve-O: Before this competition I thought I hated Steve-O. I can’t believe how much I really do like him now. Not saying I agree with much he does in his personal life but he seems to be a genuine guy who is trying to turn his life around. I can certainly appreciate that! He did so well tonight, very sweet. All my votes are going here tonight. Aww, he’s so thrilled that the judges are being nice to him! He’s trying so hard not to break out the grin! Cute! Are you kidding me? Only 6’s? GRR!

(LOL at Bob Saget looking less than thrilled that Tom is talking to him)

Ty Murray: Oh this dance is PERFECT for Ty! Oh man! I can’t believe Chelsea got on that bull! Well, Ty certanly has the mean look down haha. Hey we play this song on guitar hero! Oo. He looks a little stiff. Okay, 7’s. To be honest though, I didn’t think his dance was ANY better than Steve-O’s. Sometimes the judges baffle me.

(I have the hiccups)

Lil’ Kim: Very pretty dance this week. I must admit I did like it. She’s been drawing on her Buddah Board?? I don’t get it. LOL Dr Len, podiatrist. Voo-Doo Board? What?! Nice scores, not bad at all.

Well, that’s that! Oh haha! Bob Sagat’s show just started and they were watching the end of Dancing With The Stars. Funny!

Please don’t let my Steve go! Let’s try and get David or Lawrence off this week, eh? Sounds good to me!


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