Water Baby …

April 5, 2009 waterswife

First of all, I want to thank my new awesome friend, Bumble Bee Running, for giving me this awesome award!! So exciting!
Yesterday, I woke up bright and early (for a Saturday, okay for ANY DAY since I woke up at the same time I do on work days) and I went to the local rec center for water aerobics. I was really nervous to go, because hello … exercise in my SWIMSUIT?! Several times as I was getting ready I had to remind myself that I couldn’t back out. I had promise some girls from work I’d go with them, so I HAD to go.

I got there a few minutes late, so I had to hurry and jump into the pool and just start. That ended up being really good, because I didn’t have time to feel nervous. I was really glad I went because only one other girl from work showed up and I would have felt SO bad if she was there alone.

So this class had like 30 or so women in it. They were all ages and all sizes. Even a few girls my size were in the class! The teacher was a lot of fun also. She was probably late 40’s and was not stick skinny and she made me laugh several times during the class.

After an hour of amazing work outs, the class was over. When I got out of the pool, my body felt so heavy. Not only because I was soaking wet, but because for an hour my body didn’t have to worry about my extra weight. It was a sad feeling getting out of the pool.

I’ve decided to go back next Saturday. And hopefully every Saturday. It’s only $4 a class, and hubby said we can totally budget an extra $20 a month for this class. YAY!

If anyone has thought about water aerobics but hasn’t gone: GO!! Great fun, great work out, and very easy on the joints.


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