DWTS Week 4 …

March 30, 2009 waterswife

Well, I about cried when Denise went home last week! Not because I like Denise, but because I looooove my Mmmmmmaks! SIGH!!! big tears!

David Allen Greer: How is he still in this? Not that he is not good, but does he really have that much of a fan following? I agree with Len. Not the best, but not the worse.

Lil’ Kim
: Her opening video didn’t bug me as much as it usually does. Very impressed by their dancing. I still don’t get this whole lifting thing! Both her feet came off the ground, but it’s okay tonight?? Hmmm. I don’t really think they deserved a TEN. But hey, what the heck do I know?

Chuck Wicks: LOL. I love these two together. They are just so cute and fun! I loved every minute of this dance. Fun and upbeat! I don’t get it. The judges always see things I don’t see. I loved the dance.

Lawrence Taylor
: Did they say Alec is Edyta’s husband? WOW good looking couple! Again, I liked the dance. But it did seem like Edyta was dancing around him, rather than them dancing together. A FIVE?! WHAT THE HECK?!?! sheesh

(LOL’ing @ Samantha Harris’s voice. It is making me laugh)

Ty Murray: haha, did everyone see that they started playing Steve Wozniak’s intro at first?! TOO funny! Oh my gosh, I swear I want to be just like Chelsea when I grow up haha! She’s so cute! The dance!!! LOVED IT!!!!!! I cannot believe they have a cowboy doing moves like that!!!! AMAZING!

Steve Wozniak
: My favorite little nerd!! He’s SO stinking cute!! I love, love, LOVE his attitude!! Oh no. His dancing is so horrible! 😦 The judges are going to be so mean, I know it. Three words: “I’m still standing!” GO STEVE!! 4’s are better than last week!

Melissa Rycroft: Melissa is another lady I’d love to be like when I grow up lol. WOOOOOOOOOOOOW that dance! So many technical moves! I loved it! So much energy! WOOT WOOT! I am just so glad that Melissa is in the competition! Fantasic scores!!! Now THAT is deserving of two tens!

Holly Madison: I am very surprised Holly stayed over Denise! That’s too bad Holly got injured also! Sheesh. What is the deal with this season. It’s like every single dancer has gotten hurt. I was a little bit bored during this dance. But it seemed okay. Holly looks like she is going to pass out. Yikes.

Steve-O: LOL Love Steve-O, but scary clown! HAHA. Oh man. They kinda look like they are moving in slow motion. I’m afraid the judges are going to be mean to him too. SIGH! Sad scores, but whatcha going to do?

Samantha! Go home! Her poor voice! Couple no voice plus the fact that she can’t talk anyway, and she’s a mess!

Gilles Marini: Still having a hard time connecting with Gilles. I can predict already the judges will LOVE him and he’ll get at least one ten if not all three. Yep. Predictable. I wish I could connect to him, so I’d be excited, but I just can’t.

Shawn Johnson: Pretty scared stuff that happened to little Shawn this week! I could watch Shawn to those flips all day long. So jealous. What a fun little dance! I really liked it also! Well, I think she deserved at least ALL 9’s!

I predict Steve-O, Steve W, and/or Holly go home. I’m hoping my Steve’s don’t go though!


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  • 1. Paige&hellip  | 

    I agree about Samantha–she drives me nuts!! I swear she’s the worst interviewer I’ve ever seen. Did you see her last week after she said something that didn’t even make sense and Max called her out on it? She just smiled and said, “Back to you Tom.” Anyways, love your play by play again.

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