DWTS Week Three

March 23, 2009 waterswife

So no surprise who was voted off last week. And no surprise that I thought Belinda and Jonathan were BORING! lol. Anyway on to this week’s episode:

Denise Richards
: Mmmmm Maks. drool. LOL sorry! OH MY GOSH!!! Maks the Samba Queen!!! hahaha! Love it! What the heck? Their dance looked kinda weird! It was like slow motion rubber people. Weird. The vein in Denise’s head looks like it’s going to pop right out. Whoa low scores. Poor Maks!

Chuck Wicks
: Chuck and Julianne are already completing each other’s thoughts. LOL! Some one please explain this two feet on the ground rule that Cariann has. Because Chuck just lifted Julianne right up and no one said a word. I don’t get it. But I did like their dance. Average scores … not bad.

(LOL! Chloe just jumped up and punched my head! So funny!)

Holly Madison: Holly is frustrated this week. That was a really awkward dance. Oh Cariann and her stupid foot rule! I don’t think I’ll ever get it! LOL @ Len calling her a match! Ew, low scores. That’s too bad.

Steve-O: I’m so glad he’s back! I really have enjoyed watching Steve-O and Lacey. Oh I love this song! Oh shoot!! He slipped right there at the end! Steve-O reallyu just can’t catch a break! Dang it! Thank you Len for being nice with the comments. Wow, I think he’s in real physical and emotional pain. Poor guy.

Lawrence Taylor
: Aw, Larence danced like Emmit Smith tonight!!! Love it! Eh, the scores were just okay.

(Do they always show the piano player this much and I’ve not noticed??)

Shawn Johnson: I really like this little girl. She is doing great! Shawn and Mark are really good together. HAHA I heard “bejewled hamburg” too!! lol HUMMINGBIRD! Awesome scores! Way to go, Shawn!!

Gilles Marini
: Awww cute mom! Sexy dance! I wonder how many feathers they have to sweep off the floor at the end of the night. They looked awesome tonight! A throbbing, red-hot poker, Bruno? LOL Nice scores!

David Allen Greer
: LOL sorry, but David is my new boring dancer. He did well, but for some reason I totally zoned out this whole dance! Good scores, good job.

Steve Wazniak: My favorite big nerd! That’s too bad that he has ANOTHER injury, geez! I always smile when Steve dances lol! HAHA he did the worm! AW! The judges might be right, but they are so harsh! Two 3’s?! that’s not right. HE TRIED! Personally, I’d rather watch Steve over Cloris Leachman ANY DAY!

Melissa Rycroft: It’s kinda funny that she had to (or wanted to) quit her job. That means she is making enough money off reality TV to not need a job! LUCKY! lol. They put a sticker over her tramp stamp again. So funny. LOL Tyson didn’t like the song. He didn’t like the line that said “…that’s the recipe for making love” lol. Triple 9’s! YAY!

Lil’ Kim: As the weeks go on, I get more and more annoyed by her. And Derek, for the love of ALL that is holy, please GET A HAIRCUT!! Good job on the scores. Moving on…

Ty Murray
: Awww Cowboy cleans up well!! He looks great in a tux. Whoops! Chelsie fell! Darn it! Oh I liked Jewel’s earrings! Cute! Oh Bruno! A 7? What a bum. lol.

Well that’s it! I wouldn’t be sad if Lil Kim, David, or Lawrence wen’t home. But it’ll probably be Steve W or Holly. It better not be Steve-O, Shawn, Melissa, or Ty. I’m not ready to lose those ones.


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