March 16, 2009 waterswife

I promise I won’t be ONLY blogging about Dancing with the stars … I just have been so swamped this week!! Expect a long post sometime soon.

Anyway, on to the stars!

Holly Madison: Was it just me, or did she seem to have black armpit hair during her rehearsal clip?? LOL I am obviously not a dancer, because I always think some one does well and then the judges say they didn’t. lol. Oh well. Holly giggles too much.

David Allen Greer: HAHA loved his impression of Bruno. It was spot on! Already I can tell you that they are going to talk about his facial expressions again. oh LOL. Bruno said his face was good. (see, I am not a dancing judge for a reason lol) I don’t think the judges like him too much. David seems really angry. Hope and Change … LOVE IT!

Denise Richards: (Awkward…her ex’s wife had twins on Sat!) Mmmmm Maks. Mmmm. Hey she didn’t cry this week! At least not on camera! Oooo…I like her outfit! And I really liked her dance. Way to go! LOL! Did Maks tell her to grab Tom’s bum?? Too funny.

Belinda Carter: Not AS boring as last time. But she needs to learn not to say she messed up right before the judges talk! LOL @ Tom stealing Bruno’s 1 paddle!

Ty Murray: awww…he’s trying so hard to smile this whole dance! I still love his partner, Chelsea … she’s so cute! I thought Ty did really well this week! YAY! I am glad the judges were nice to him. HAHA @ the music randomly playing again. I guess the in-house band are faking it! What is lip syncing called for a band?

Shawn Johnson: OMG I was laughing so hard during her rehearsal clip! I’d be embarrassed to “shake it” on national TV too! She is still pretty stiff, but she looked good! When Bruno said he wanted her to work on the naughtiness, I said “she’s 17!!” two seconds before Tom did. LOL. Nice scores!!

Steve Wazniak: I never thought I’d love a nerd so much!! He just really has grown on me! I’m sorry, but given his age, his weight, and his hurt foot … I thought he did excellent!! (Ew Kathy Griffin! Get her off the screen!) Oh my goodness, he is SUCH a nerd!!

Chuck Wicks: Sigh … I would kill to look like Julianne!! Ooo I loved their dance! Obviously they have gread chemistry. Hmmm…I didn’t notice that Julianne did all the dancing. I liked it, personally.

Lawrence Taylor
: I don’t know. I just don’t like Lawrence. I admire his determination to do this stuff the best he can, but he just is hard to relate to. Blah … I kinda tuned out his dance and the judges comments. Oops.

Steve-O: Wow. What is with the injuries?! WTF! For reals!! That’s too bad. Oh wow … that is kinda cool that they are showing the dress rehearsal! Very interesting. I just feel so bad, it’s like they can’t win. Last week they were too boring and this week they did too much.

Lil’ Kim: Oh boy. I couldn’t stand her last week, let’s see how this goes. Derek: Please get a hair cut!! I like the shaggy look on him, but wow. Too much! If Lil Kim could keep her mouth shut, I’d like her a lot more. She’s like a mix of Janet Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith. Neither of which I like. LOL ok, she made a funny about her boobies.

Melissa Rycroft: First off: LOVE HER! Obviously, she’s my fave. Tyson said she is smiling too much. I agree. But WOW!! She did amazing!!! Way to go, Tony! A real salsa!! I bet we’ll get our first 9’s! EW!! Len was gyrating?! TMI!! I changed my mind…I want Melissa’s body! I called it on the 9’s!

Gilles Marini: Another injury! I don’t get it. Are they pushing themselves WAY too hard? Anyway, I loved the song choice. That was a fun St. Patrick’s way to end the night. Will they all be wearing green tomorrow?? I’m not a huge fan of Gilles, but he dances well. Way to go! And wow! Great scores!

So who do I want off this next week? Belinda. Or Lawrence. I hope Steve-O comes back!!!!!


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  • 1. Paige&hellip  | 

    I love your play-by-play. I think I agree with everything you said, too! Melissa is definitely my favorite too but I agree with Tyson, she was smiling just a little too much. I was wondering about the music–I thought they always sang it live, but apparently not!

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