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March 9, 2009 waterswife

HURRAY for the new season of Dancing with the Stars!!! After the Bachelor disaster, I need something great to fill my Monday nights!

Lil’ Kim: Did she really just talk about prison like it was college? I like Derek, but I’m not sold on her. She seems very arrogant. Whoa … check out her booty! Yikes! Oh yes, lets dedicate this to the prison girls. I like her style of hip hopping the dance, but I don’t think I’ll vote for her.

Belinda Carter: Boring. Jonathan is boring. She is boring. Their dancing was boring. Their score was boring. Over it.

Lawrence Tayor: I like Edyta! I’ve loved the football players in the past, but Lawrence is not impressive. Maybe he’ll grow on me later in the season. Their dancing was so-so. Over this one too.

Steve-O: Oh man. I usually can’t stand this guy. Oh he’s with Lacey! I love her!! I am glad he talked about the drugs and rehab. I can appreciate that he’s on the right track in life. WOW! He danced way better than I could ever imagine! He wanted to put his foot in the waltz’s butt? LOL!! Random. I thought he did better than the judges scored him.

Gilles Marini: Not a Sex in the City fan, but I like Cheryl! To be honest … I fast forwarded this one. HAHA

Chuck Wicks: I love that he is dating Julianne. That’s such a cute idea!! I wonder how many fights they will show over the season. Wow, I loved their dance. They will be interesting to watch this season.

Holly Madison
: YAY! I am glad she joined on the show. I am a closeted Girls Next Door watcher. (It’s like a car accident … you can’t look away, even though you know you should). Anyway, I think she has a fun personality and will do well! Her pro, Dmitry … eh, I don’t care either way for him yet. That is funny that she never mentioned that she is Hef’s ex. I like her energy … she should do okay this season.

Ty Murray
: Oh my gosh! I LOVE the little gal who is his pro, Chelsie! She is soo cute! And he has a cute humor abut dancing and being “masculine”. I thought the judges were a little harsh on his scores, but they are always mean.

Shawn Johnson: Fun! It’ll be interesting to see how this little gymnist dances! Shawn and Mark are cute together! She slipped coming down the grand staircase at the begging, but we’ll pretend that didnt happen. Aww she did good!! Hey what is that boy from Hannah Montanna doing sitting with her parents?? They aren’t dating, are they?? (he needs a haircut)

Steve Wozniak: Too bad he’s with Karina, because I like her, but he won’t last long. LOL He’s such a geek!! Okay, he’s growing on me, but he’s still not a “dancer”. He reminds me of the mailman on Cheers. HAHAHA Bruno said it was like a Tellatubby going mad!! aww his drug joke totally bombed. But he’s so cheerful! Ok, I think I do like him.

David Allen Greer: He’s a funny guy, but not my favorite. Poor Kym. I am not sure how well they REALLY get along. I thought he danced alright … he does have lots of potential. Ew, Carrie Ann … shut up about the foot on the ground already! lol

Denise Richards: First of all: Maks … MMMmmm. Glad he’s back. Uh oh … Denise is already annoying Maks. And now she is crying. She really needs to buck up if she wants to do this. Well I think that they danced alright. If Denise lightens up, she’ll do really well.

Melissa Rycroft: I am SOOOOO happy she is doing this!! I really like her and Tony together. I LOVED that the crowd BOO’d Jason!! HAHAHAHA. They didn’t play an intro video for them! They probably didn’t have time to make one. I like that they put a sticker on her tramp stamp. For less than two days practice, she did FANTASTIC!! I liked that Len and Bruno dissed Jason. WOW! Amazing scores for that dance!!

This is going to be a good season!!!! I can’t wait!

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  • 1. Paige&hellip  | 

    Loved your commentary and I agree with pretty much all of it! I didn’t think I would get into DWTS this season but of course I did. I was so excited to see Melissa on there too! Natalia said, “Where’s Jason?” I loved that the audience booed him–that was the best.P.S. I’m a closeted GNS viewer too (I had to use initials b/c I’m so embarrassed!) What is it with that show that doesn’t let you look away??

  • 2. Amy&hellip  | 

    I have NEVER watched DWTS…but I totally tuned in now that Holly is on it. I’m a closet watcher too. Shame on us Amy/imee’s

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