The Birds And A Chloe Update…

March 8, 2009 waterswife

Ugh … so the website I used to make my headers is being lame. So I don’t know if I’ll get to use the super cute St Patrick’s Day one I made. I’ll keep trying.
In other news, there have been a ton of robins using the tree just outside our window as a playground. Here is a picture of two I took a few weeks ago. Also, a kind of funny story … the other day I noticed a lone robin sitting in the tree. The problem was that it was starting to snow and the robin just sat there in the snow. Well for some reason this really made me sad! I couldn’t sleep and I kept checking on the robin by shining my flashlight out the window. Oh my goodness, I was such a spaz!! I even woke Tyson up around 2 AM to let him know I was worried. I finally fell asleep and when Tyson left for work later that morning, he sent me a text that it was warmer than we though out there and that the robin was probably just fine. The bird obviously flew away because it wasn’t there anymore and there was no bird on the ground.

Here is a video of Chloe reacting to the birds
Speakng of Chloe … she is still being naughty!
I snapped this pic as she flew off the tower of boxes in the den. It’s a game to her to see how high she can climb.

The other day, Tyson walked into the kitchen to find this:

Chloe is getting fantastic at opening the cupboards. She never disturbs anything, she just likes to open them. She does it several times a day. And this time she brought one of Tyson’s birthday balloons into the kitchen as well.

Speaking of birthday balloons, check out how Chloe made three of them into a perfect arrangement near the fireplace. It seriously is baffling how she made them into a perfect row, with the ties all facing the same direction.

She’s a pill, but we love her soooo much!

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  • 1. Paige&hellip  | 

    Chloe is so funny! She is just like a little toddler running around. I like how she just opens up the cupboards just for fun. 🙂 Maybe she has a bit of perfectionism in her with the way she lined those balloons up too!

  • 2. Mig&hellip  | 

    She is adorable! I love that she opens cabinets. Its fun to see what they do when you are away.

  • 3. Mig&hellip  | 

    She is adorable! I love that she opens cabinets. Its fun to see what they do when you are away.

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