March 2, 2009 waterswife

Hey ya’ll….OMG….I just finished watching the Bachelor….WOW. Anyway…

So a bunch of you wanted to know the supplements that I take daily, so I thought I’d show ya real fast:

1. I take THIS woman’s multivitamin three times a day (called Pretty On The Inside)

2. I take THIS anti-oxidant twice a day (called My Hero)

3. I take THIS essential fatty acids pill three times a day (these ones STINK! fish oil is yucky!)

4. I take THIS thermogenic fat burner two pills twice a day (called Burn Baby Burn)

5. I occasionally take THIS meal replacement shake in the afternoon instead of yogurt

6. I take THIS once a day as an energy boost and/or chocolate fix (it’s written into my diet)

Okay wow, I know that seems like a lot. A year ago I would have thought some one was nuts to do all that. But the weird thing is that I can actually see and feel the difference they make. Do any of you guys take supplements?


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  • 1. Adriana&hellip  | 

    Wow, Aimee! The prices don’t look bad, either 🙂 I will have to look into it one day when I’m not po’. I put in 18 applications today in AUSTIN! I am nervous/scared/excited/anxious. I would really love to get a job up there before moving. That way I will have money coming in right away. I think I’m going to move in with Jeremy too. He’s been wanting me to for a while, but now I’m done with school. He wanted me to do it back in December. I’m nervous! It’s a huge leap.I’m so proud of you and everything you do on here. I can’t wait to have an income again… I’ll be able to do so much more for myself. You inspire me, Aimee 🙂 I will also love to have an exercise partner in Jeremy (he’d better move his booty when I’m there!)… it’s easier, we feel, to do things with someone than alone.

  • 2. Leah&hellip  | 

    On doctor’s orders, I take a prenatal multi (even though I’m NOT pregnant), calcium/magnesium, evening primrose oil, and fish oil (if you freeze your fish oil supplements, they aren’t stinky and go down easier!).

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