I . L . Y .

February 14, 2009 waterswife

Scene: The TV is on … Aimee is checking her Facebook page on her laptop … and Tyson is next to her looking at his Google Phone.

This is a typical evening at the Waters household.

Not tonight! As a special Valentine’s Day gift to each other, we’ve decided no TV (unless we choose to watch a romantic movie together), no cell phones, and no computer … which means no internet. This starts shortly after Tyson gets home from work this afternoon (which is why I am frantically checking blogs now lol) and will end sometime Sunday afternoon. (In time for Desperate Housewives, which we watch together)

Pretty good, eh? It’s a totally FREE gift to each other.

And now on to the “mushy gushy” part of this blog:

Almost 4 years ago … I met an amazing man named Tyson. We were inseparable right from the start. We were best friends and we were falling in love.

Two years later (exactly two years ago today), Tyson decided that he would “Put A Ring On It“, I mean me … and he proposed!

The next six months flew by as we made plans for our perfect wedding day. We fell more and more in love with each passing day.

Finally August 3, 2007, we were married for all time and eternity. So far, this has been the best day of my life. We were blessed to have so many people come and share our joy in celebrating our love.

I am so, so lucky to have my life lead me to this man. He is my very best friend. My heart and soul. My better half. We’ve had many trials together, but many happy times. Through the ups and downs we’ve become closer. Our marriage is not perfect, but it’s perfect to us.



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