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February 9, 2009 waterswife

* I saw this commercial tonight and I can’t stop giggling. Mostly, because before Tyson got his Google phone, he had a Blackberry. I never wanted one, because I am a flip phone kind of gal. Well…now I have an option with Blackberry! (You know, if money grew on trees and all)

* My dad called me yesterday to talk. I feel really, really bad, because they have been living in MA for two years now and I hardly ever call. I know they wonder why. And it’s because I am just boring. And I hate talking on the phone. For reals. I mean, read this blog. Chloe is the center of our world. My brother and sister each have two kids…which supplies them with plenty to talk about. I have a cat. LOL, and while Chloe is the most amazing, awesome cat ever, I feel like maybe people are growing tired of Chloe stories. (I’m not…but maybe you are?)

* My Dad also said that my Mom said I needed to update the blog…so here I am…and I’ve already posted a youtube video AND talked about Chloe. Oh boy.

* I used to work with a girl who was obsessed with Josh Groban. We’re talking the president of his fan club…for reals. I used to secretly make fun of her…until I listened to his songs and realized they are very relaxing. And he’s cute. And I watched him on Ellen today and realized that he’s kinda funny!

* Speaking of Ellen…this cracked me up:

* I really enjoyed the 25 things about you that is floating around Facebook…and I actually wrote an entirely new list for my actual Facebook page. But I am kinda getting sick of all these NEW lists that are now coming out! The Bucket List, The Memories List, The One Word List, and oh my heck The Baby List. I don’t mind being “tagged” and I kinda expect it, because since my name starting with A and then I, I usually fall near the top of the list and am thought of first. But guys…as talked about above…I HAVE NO KIDS! Please don’t tag me in the baby list. lol.

* And another secret…I ignore 99% of the applications that get passed to me on Facebook. (shhh don’t tell.) I know, it’s about being at the top of the list again.

* Also…my phone gets A LOT of wrong numbers. I don’t know why! I’ve had my number for over 5 years, maybe even 6. So long I don’t remember. Yet, I still get wrong calls/texts at least once a week. And not even for the same person. I ignored a call from my sister today, because I thought she was a wrong number. Oops! (She already knows this, and I called her back ASAP, so it’s ok lol)

Well there was some way random stuff on my mind! 🙂


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  • 1. etta&hellip  | 

    I talk to my parents quite a bit and feel bad that all I talk about is work.Before I changed numbers, I had the same number as a Dominos Pizza in KC. I was always tempted to play along. 🙂

  • 2. Amy&hellip  | 

    1> I ignore 99% of all apps on Facebook too. They are lame and clutter. I even have some less desireable friends that I just blocked COMPLETELY for sending any invites.2> I liked the 25 thing, but most of the rest of them are lame. I liked reading everyone elses. I've done the ipod shuffle/itunes one before. I think its more fun to read your own than total strangers though, hehe.3> I ignore any phone calls that come from a number that's not saved in my phone. This comes from having gone on 8700 first dates with different guys who were less desireable but still have my ph # and decide to call me for booty call attempt numero dos.4> the number to my bank in Utah must have been similar to the Utah Fun Dome b/c I remember always getting calls back in the day.**ok i'll stop polluting your blog remarks with my randomness 🙂

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