February 4, 2009 waterswife

Today a co-worker was asking me about the gym that we have in the building. She was asking what kind of weights and machines that they had and how many people are usually in there….you know, the usual, random questions.

So after answering her questions she says that she might start working out after work with me and my work BFF.

So I say … get this…

“Yeah, it’s a lot of fun!! You really should come up!”

Say WHAT?! (Quick hand to my forehead…hmmm, I don’t feel a fever…)

Did I just refer to a gym as FUN?! F-U-N???

I seriously have lost my mind! 🙂

On to other news…the news you all came here for…

After doing a quick, last minute work out on my lunch break, I received a phone call from hubby saying that he got a call from our place saying that due to an emergency, our dude would have to cancel! BUMMER!! Hello, I worked my booty off this week! I need to know how MUCH of the booty I lost.

Hubby and I made an executive decision to go down there and use their scale and check our weights anyway.

So, I don’t know how much of it is actual fat loss and how much is muscle gained, since we didn’t get our body fat % checked, but…

I lost FOUR pounds this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOUR!!!!!!!

Yay! So I’m still pumped up and motivated to tackle another week. Since we didn’t have our dude to help us, we had to make up our own menu for this week…I think it turned out well!

Thanks for all your uplifting messages this week, guys! AND for your song suggestions! My work out mix is seriously AWESOME! Love it!


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  • 1. Sarah :)&hellip  | 

    Four Pounds?? Four pounds you say?!? That is AWESOME!!!! I am sooo happy for you! That is absolutely fantastic. :)I’m glad you are enjoying your workout playlist! Music is the one and only thing that can keep me moving when I’d rather stop. I’ve been enjoying the ones I downloaded from your list, too!

  • 2. Kristina P.&hellip  | 

    Aimee, that is such a great weight loss!!

  • 3. Adriana&hellip  | 

    Yea! Way to go girl! Hope Tyson is having as much fun as you 🙂 LMAO @ FUN and GYM coming out of your mouth in the same sentence 😀

  • 4. sarah&hellip  | 

    congrats on those 4 lbs!! That’s always an accomplishment! hugs,sarah.

  • 5. Marbella Designs&hellip  | 

    That’s awesome, keep up the good work! From a fellow OSB’rSandra

  • 6. Leah&hellip  | 


  • 7. etta&hellip  | 

    You go, girl!

  • 8. Anonymous&hellip  | 

    Hey, that’s awesome! I must be a fortune teller 🙂 Keep up the great work!!

  • 9. Cortney&hellip  | 

    I adore this blog and you are amazing.

  • 10. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    Aimee that is fantastic!!! I am so happy for you, i’m sure you must be ecstatic! keep it up for this next week too!!i really need to get back on track….i’ve not been doing so hot!

  • 11. Anonymous&hellip  | 

    congrats on the four pound loss!

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