February 2, 2009 waterswife

I went to bed last night AND woke up with a stinkin’ migraine, so I spent the day at home, in bed. Thank goodness for a slow work day and an awesome boss that allowed me to stay home. Also thank goodness for an amazing hubby who let me whine in between naps today.

Since I napped so much earlier today, I had to keep myself busy this evening so that I wouldn’t sleep and can get to bed a good time tonight.

Here is what I did tonight:

* Had a good talk with Tyson
* Read a chapter in my book, Running With Angels
* Watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 from last week
* Baked 3 Baja chicken breasts
* Prepared Tyson’s food for tomorrow (mine was already made from last night)
* Updated my iPod
* Watched Larry King Live … wow, I have strong opinions of that mother of octuplets.
* Did 4 forearm bridges at 20 seconds each
* Watched The Bachelor
* Did 4 sets of 15 crunches on the exercise ball
* Did THREE loads of laundry (one white load and two colors)
* Folded and put away two loads of laundry (Tyson does his own)
* Did a few dishes
* Spent some quality time with Chloe
* Wrote this blog!

Phew! What a night! My goal is to be in bed by 11 … Sadly, this is early for me. Wish me luck!


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  • 1. etta&hellip  | 

    I heart naps!

  • 2. Adriana&hellip  | 

    Aimee – I have a Chloe question. Do you have problems with her jumping up on counters??? Spice is driving us nuts! Sugar has started to do it but I think he’s just following her. We smack her cute lil’ nose, but then 5 mins later she’s right back up again. Spraying water doesn’t work – we learned that during our fun Christmas tree adventures. We’re coming to the conclusion that it’s a losing battle and are trying to just keep things off of counters, but still… she needs to learn she shouldn’t do it. Our other cat never did it, at least not like Spice. Our other cat apparently learned quickly… Spice… not so quick. πŸ˜€ Email me, or comment on my blog, or facebook message me, lol doesn’t matter πŸ™‚

  • 3. Charlotte&hellip  | 

    Wow, you got a lot done… Way to go! Once you get off on that sleeping schedule it’s hard to get back on it … You’ll know that all too well when you have babies …. love you, mom

  • 4. christa&hellip  | 

    I’m so curious what your thoughts are on that mother of octuplets!!! You need to share! And I’m happy I found your blog again. It got erased from my blog list!! So it’s nice to be back.

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