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January 27, 2009 waterswife

* I found the earlier in the night that I make our lunches for the next day, the less cranky I am while doing it. Imagine that.
* Some one cut me off today while I was driving on 5300 South … but then they immediatly turned into the Hospital parking lot and I felt a lot better about not being upset at them.

* I didn’t realize what the song was saying until Perez Hilton pointed it out to me. I still kinda like the song and am glad they just spell out the cuss word rather than to just say it. I really dislike Fox News, but I thought this video was kinda funny. If you don’t want small children listening to a song…wouldn’t you change the station?

* Do they still make crispy M&M’s??

* Tyson and I drove all the way to Draper Friday night (in the fog/smog) to eat dinner at the Ufood Grill … only to find out they haven’t opened for business yet … even though their website said they were coming in December (I hope not Dec 2009!!)

* As I left for work today, I realized that Chloe was watching me from the window!
Do you see her?

No? Ok, now do you see her peeking between the slats of the chair, peering behind the white stripe?

* I’m tired … Good night!

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  • 1. Adriana&hellip  | 

    LOL I think only a loving mommy can see her sweetie cat in that picture, Aimee. That’s cute that she was seeing you off, though haha.

  • 2. Amy&hellip  | 

    Awww. I have a hard time seeing her with my non-trained Chloe eye, but it’s so cute that she was there watching for you! My cats do the same. I can see Tange sitting on the window ledge from the road when I drive by, and then they’re both there to greet me at the door 🙂

  • 3. Adrienne&hellip  | 

    Aims, what about children like you niece?? How do you protect them from songs like this?? Remember Nelly and the Superbowl? They might not fully understand the song and it’s meaning but they sure learn the lyrics. Just a thought I know you would think twice if she asked you for this song.

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