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January 26, 2009 waterswife

Today after a really long day at work, I headed up stairs to the 4th floor of my office building to work out. This is pretty standard procedure now that we are back on the plan. As I was getting dressed in the locker room, I was silently praying that my shoes wouldn’t hurt my feet today.

Because I got tired of hauling my work out shoes back and forth in my gym bag, I decided to keep a really old pair of Roxy shoes in my drawer at work. But because they were seriously getting nasty, I decided to just throw them away. The backs of them were busting out and they were ready for the trash. Of course, I took a picture first. 🙂 You are welcome.

So, I had another older pair of shoes that I brought to work out in. I work out in them all the time and figured they wouldn’t give me any problems. But last week the back of my left shoe rubbed my ankle wrong and I developed a blister. I trotted along anyway and finished the work out.

Super cute, right? I love these shoes. I remember when I got them about 4 years ago. I was seriously so excited. Now they are just old and tattered.

Back to today. I usually walk pretty slow on the treadmill because I have to keep my heart rate under control … so my usual pace is a 1.8 -ish. I started out just fine and even text my hubby that the shoes felt fine today! And then I jinxed myself because the blister popped and then it felt like some one was stabbing me in the ankle with every step I took. I stopped and took off my shoe, readjusted it, and tried again.

Nope, not working.

Whatever, I tried, I am just going home. I am tired and exhausted and ten minutes is better than none.

Grrr! I can’t just give up! So, I took off both shoes, tossed them on the floor and carried on. Blister on my ankle? Yup. And now developing two blisters on the soles of my feet? Oh yeah.

At this point…I’m getting angry.

Why don’t my shoes stinking fit right?! (bump the speed up to 2.2)

Sigh…why couldn’t I be born skinny?!!! Why was I given a fat body and fat to deal with? (2.5)

Look at this girl next to me…she’s jogging! I want to jog and not give myself two black eyes. (2.7)

I am so mad! I hate being fat! I hate the excuses I make for myself. I hate this body. I hate not having the motivation. I hate that I am here in sweat pants and all these other girls have cute work out clothes. I hate this!! (2.9)

My heart was pounding, my lungs felt like they were going to explode, and I was done! (3.0)

3 minutes left …

2 minutes left …

1 minute left …

I broke the treadmill rule and stared at my countdown timer. I was so angry at it!!!

… and then it hit zero.

I did it. I pushed myself. I ignored all the easy outs and problems that arose and I did it. I did it for me.

And now I am exhausted … but happy.


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11 Comments Add your own

  • 1. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    go aimee!

  • 2. Kristina P.&hellip  | 

    I just did 25 minutes on the elliptical, and my legs are doing that tingly thing after a workout.

  • 3. Adriana&hellip  | 

    Way to go Aimee! So proud of you 😀

  • 4. Lori&hellip  | 

    Good for you!! :)♥

  • 5. Barbara_in_WA&hellip  | 

    YAY!!! clapclapclapclapclapclapclap!!

  • 6. Jen Nelson&hellip  | 

    Way to go!! I always throw a towel over the timer/milage on the treadmill. Oh how I hate those things! I’m dreaming of springtime and running outside!Cheering for you!

  • 7. etta&hellip  | 

    I’m so proud of you! Last time I started my diet, I gave myself prizes for every weight milestone — one of which was new tennis shoes!

  • 8. Adrienne&hellip  | 

    Aims I am so proud of you keep up the good work!

  • 9. Anonymous&hellip  | 

    I too, am really proud of you, and I follow your blog.But I can’t help but think- wouldn’t it have been easier to just keep taking your good gym shoes? You’re already taking the gym bag. After you had to throw out the first pair of shoes, and after the second pair of shoes gave you a blister, I think I would have started taking my new, regular gym shoes, you know?Maybe I don’t understand what you meant by saying you were getting tired of hauling them back and forth- maybe you were forgetting them at one place or the other (I know I do that!).Anyway, I’d say toss those suckers and start hauling the good shoes back and forth. It’s hard enough to work out without shoes attacking your feet! And you have WAY more dedication than I do- after that blister popped I would have been done. Keep up the good work, I check out your site often. I can’t wait to see where you are a year from now!

  • 10. Sarah :)&hellip  | 

    I just discovered your blog and I’m so excited!! This is what I’ve been looking for! I am starting a diet and exercise program for like the 5th time in 5 years and I love things that motivate me (Biggest Loser, diet magazines.) But what better way to get motivated than by reading another REAL person’s struggles and successes? 🙂 You go girl! I’ll be back!

  • 11. Maxie&hellip  | 

    good job!I bought a pair of nike shots 2 years ago and they SUCK. They hurt my feet so bad so I end up wearing my really old volleyball shoes.

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