25 Things About SuperFat SuperChick (updated: pictures readded)

January 25, 2009 waterswife

I got tagged to do this on my regular blog and though it would be fun for my readers over here to learn more about me too … so here we go:

1. I want to be a Child Psychologist “when I grow up” and I’d really like to specialize in children who were adopted. (I was adopted as was my sister and two nephews, so it’s a subject near and dear to me) There are a few other subjects in child psych that I am still considering specializing in also. One day, Hubby and I would love to open up a mental health office.

2. I really, really love photography and would like to do something with that (like wedding photography or portraits) as a side thing … especially for the years that I am a stay at home mom.

3. I love, love pictures and frames. Here is my favorite (I guess it’s a frame?) that we got for our wedding:

4. I have fake nails. As a person who struggles with self esteem, it’s something that gives me a bit of confidence. I only get them done once a month, because my lady is awesome and can make them last. This is the only “splurge” Hubby refused to let me cut out of our budget when we were struggling. Please note my sad pinky! Last week at Target, I caught it on the bathroom door and ripped the fake and some of my real nail off! It’s a lot better now, mostly just bruised. I’ve had nails off and on for around 10 years now and this is one of the few times I’ve had an injury.

5. I take a lot of supplements! I take a woman’s multivitamin and an essential oils pill three times a day and an anti-oxidant twice a day. I’ve seen the difference they make in our weight loss and now I swear by them.

6. I get a monthly allowance of iTunes gift cards.

(The camera decided to focus on Kitty … I love it!)

7. We’ve had this pumpkin since Halloween and I can’t bring myself to throw it away.

(His name is Jack)

8. I love, love cold water, but I don’t like ice in it. However, I love ice from Sonic.

I also love Fuze, and there are only 20 calories in a whole bottle!!

9. I have OCT (obsessive compulsive tendencies, not disorder … big difference)

There are only a few things that I am nuts about and one of them is my closet. My clothes HAVE to be in color order and on white hangers. I spend a lot of time switching shades around until I am satisfied. Shirts that are multi-colored really bother me!

10. I sleep with a stuffed animal every night. His name is Shorty, but we call him Raffe (like giraffe-y minus the “gi” part) Hubby made him for me when we were dating and I just got into the habbit of holding him while I sleep. It makes for a crowded bed though … because Hubby and Kitty sleep with me too šŸ™‚

11. Raffe and I have matching LiveStrong braceletes. I’ve only taken mine off a few times since 2003. On my wedding day and the day of my bridals being two of them.

12. A friend introduced me to Stila make up and it’s all I wore for years. But then one day Nordrstrom stopped carrying them and now they aren’t sold in Utah at all! Every so often, I’ll order online, but I’ve mostly switched to grocery store brands and MAC.

13. My wedding ring is my favorite piece of jewelry. Next favorite is my pink ring … and no, I don’t normally wear them together like this:

14. My favorite thing to do ever is to go to the University of Utah football games. Hubby came home with this shirt for me the other day (oh how I love him!!):

15. Over the last several years, I’ve developed social anxiety. Large groups of people really make me nervous. A lot of people can’t believe that, but that’s because once I get to know some one, then I am my usual silly self. But a lot of time people don’t like me when they first meet me because I come across as stuck up. In reality, I am scared as heck to meet new people. Hubby and I will usually run errands together because of this, although recently I’ve found that putting in my headphones and listening to music while I shop, has really helped. (I really can’t believe I am admitting this on the blog and I hope I don’t sound like I am crazy!)

16. I am addicted to reality TV and our DVR is 66% full of shows I need to get caught up on. Right now I am loving Real World (thanks to our Mormon friend, Chet) and The Bachelor. Ok, I’ll be honest, I also love Jon and Kate Plus 8, The Hills, The City, Bad Girls Club, Intervention, Homeland Security, Biggest Loser, Super Nanny … oh my gosh! That is all just sick and wrong.

17. These are my favorite shoes right now … they are gross and dirty, but oh so comfy!

18. My favorite number is 6. I have no idea why.

19. I hate the dark and make Hubby leave the hallway light on when he leaves for work so that it isn’t dark when I wake up.

20. I love calamari. My parents introduced me to it when I was a teenager and I’ve loved it ever since. I got Hubby to try it and now he loves it too!

21. When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with John Stockton. I really wanted to run away and live with him and his family in Spokane, WA (where he lived on the off season) I even had a map and had colored the route I was going to take.

22. I love swimming, showering and rain … but I hate being wet. So I dred getting out of the shower/pool or being out in the rain. I guess it’s a love/hate relationship.

23. From looking at me, you’d never guess that I am a picky eater! Hubby always laughs, because any time I order something to eat I have to change at least one thing on it. And while we are talking food … I HATE sticky foods like syrup and jams. It really grosses me out to touch a bottle of syrup/jam and get sticky whatever on my hand. YUCK!

24. I sleep with a dreamcatcher in my window and have since I was 13. (I made my first one at girl’s camp!) I have a good portion of Native American blood in me and I really believe that they help. My kids will have them in their windows too.

25. I love these two more than anything else. I don’t know how I lived with out them.

Well, that’s it! I’m kinda boring! And crazy. šŸ™‚

I’ll tag anyone who wants to do this!

PS … you may have noticed we didn’t have a weigh in this week. Hubby was really sick and we decided to push it out to next week.


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Maxie&hellip  | 

    I love fake nails too– I haven’t had mine done in a really long time, but I love the way they look.

  • 2. Christy&hellip  | 

    My closet is organized by color too šŸ™‚ I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  • 3. Barbara_in_WA&hellip  | 

    I have never worn fake nails. I always have long nails. They grow really fast. I have to trim them down, and then within 2 weeks they are long again. They have always been like this. I uses to sit in front of the tv when I was a teen and peel them off. Used to just piss off my mom and sister. Especially my sister since she could not grow hers! Your pinky looks so sore. Poor thing. Right now my nails are half and half. Some I have trimmed already, and the others have gotten too long.

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