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January 15, 2009 waterswife

So my weigh in is tonight and I’m nervous. The first week always makes me nervous. I am sure that I’ll do ok. I’m not expecting 30 lbs like the first week of The Biggest Loser, but I’m hoping for a 2. A 2 is good. It’s a loss. And if it’s more than that, I’ll be ecstatic! So anyway, I’ll be posting the results about that later.

I feel like I did okay this week. I had the munchies, but while at work, I’ve been able to avoid ALL things not on the diet. The only thing I’ve had to drink aside from water was a few FUZEs…the slenderize kind. They are pretty good, not my favorite drink, but at 20 Cals a bottle, it’s a nice change from h2o. While at home, I’ll admit, I found a few pieces of chocolate this week. But I didn’t eat like I would have prior to this week when it came to treats. So I feel like this week was a success! Being my hardest critic, I wish I would have worked out more/harder/longer…but oh well!

As promised, I need to blog about The Biggest Loser. (I’ll just speak about the Season opener from last week, so if you haven’t seen this week’s episode, no need to worry!)

Normally, I love this show. It is inspiring and uplifting and informational all in one. Like a weigh loss eggroll…a million good things rolled into a delicious hour or two of TV a week. But for some reason, this opener was like a burnt eggroll…leaving a nasty taste in my mouth. Call me sensitive or whatever, but I didn’t like it!

First of all, I thought I’d be happy that they were using larger people this season. People actually in my weight division! And when the first women got up to weigh in and she was over 300 lbs, I felt less alone in the world. The cute host, Alison, states the woman’s weight and then says “You are the largest women we’ve had on this show..” Ok, that’s ok, it’s a fact, but then she goes on to say “…by SIXTY pounds!!!” Really? Was that REALLY necessary? Obviously this woman feels bad about herself to begin with, but why rub in her face by how much she is FATTER than the last fatties on the show. Three or four people later, they weigh in another woman who is even larger and Alison informs the new woman that SHE is now the fattest fatty. But thankfully she opted to NOT tell this one by how much she is the biggest.

I guess I was also disappointed with Bob and Jillian. Now they are awesome people and have changed many lives…but they really were somewhat rude this episode. First, the fatties were told that for their first work out, they had to work out in the gym with out trainers. What they didn’t know was that Bob and Jillian were in the other room mocking them. I’d say a good 90% if not more of American’s do NOT know what to do in the gym. At least they were trying. There is no need to act like it’s a big shock that they were lost souls in the gym. Hello, they are all 200 plus pounds. They didn’t get there by knowing how to work out.

Going back to the weigh in, Bob and Jillian disappointed me again. Looking at the contestants, you can SEE that they are large. I really was (for lack of better words) offended at the disgusted looks Bob and Jillian gave when they posted their numbers. Chalk it up to bad editing if you will, but I thought it was uncalled for and just down right RUDE! Again, I know I am overly sensitive, but really…did anyone else think that this was kind of over the top?

Something that has always bothered me about The Biggest Loser is the amount of weight they drop each week. When I started our weight loss, my physician told me he wanted me to lose ONE pound a week. Yeah right, and take 5 years to reach my goal? No thanks! Our dude actually was similar though in the fact that he said it was better for us to lose 3-5 lbs a week. Now keep in mind, we’re gaining muscle mass also, so one could easily lose more weight than the scale shows. I just can’t fathom though, how healthy it is to drop 30 lbs in a week. That has to be a lot of water weight as well. My brother in law sent me an article about how on the show they use that Body Bug or whatever it’s called, and I can see how that would improve their results, but I am still doubtful. And I still wish that they would post the muscle mass the contestants are gaining. It’s hard to say they only lost X amount of pounds when they’ve gained X amount of muscle in return.

It also makes me sad when some one only loses TEN pounds that first week. What a failure. I mean really, ONLY ten pounds? Obviously I know this is a GAME SHOW and you got to be in it to win it. I just don’t think it sends a healthy message for some one to feel like ten pounds is a failure.

One last gripe…What the heck is up with these commercials DURING the show. You’re running on the treadmill and about to pass out? Here…I’ve got some magic gum, it’s only X amount of calories and it tastes soooo good! Yum Yum!! Let me hold it up so the camera can see it better? Oh, and don’t forget to have your delicious Jello snack!! Come on! I see enough commercials on the commercial break. Spare me the fake ads during the show.

Phew! I had a lot on my mind! Don’t get me wrong, I am still a fan, and I’ll still watch this season and be jealous of all their results. I am just saying, there is a lot that is not that healthy for it being a “healthy” show.


My AWESOME brother in law posted in the comments the link to the article that he sent me about the BodyBugg! (for now, please go to the comments for the link, I’ll link it here later today) Everyone go read it, it’s an awesome product that, if you have the money for, would greatly help your weight loss journey. Everyone say THANK YOU for that link!

ALSO, my great friend pointed out that The Biggest Loser contestants do work out for 8 hours a day. Because of their ability to work out eight times as long as a “normal” person, they can lose eight times the amount of weight.

Thanks for all the awesome comments on this post and others guys!!! Love ya back!


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  • 1. Jason&hellip  | 

    I can agree with your comments about it being over the top on rudeness. I recall one comment by Jillian, “You should be angry, you’ve been the fat kid for 25 years!” Although I could particularly relate to the comment because i have been the fat kid for 25 years! ugh. Anyways, I have to say I love this show so much, it’s so inspiring to me. It keeps me motivated and I’m so Jealous of all the contestants, I’d love to go to the ranch and lose a grip of weight. And call me a wuss, but I think Shalauna and I cry a tear or two every episode because we relate to the players so much that we can see ourselves in them.But let me 2nd the notion about in-show advertising… i mean seriously people! (except that i have purchased the jello pudding snacks that are 60cals and they’re pretty good, LOL)

  • 2. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    we love watching too and it’s amazing how the people change. i thought they were being rude also last week…watching the contestants in the gym…maybe they are told to be like that? disappointing. well i think if you were working out 6-8 hrs a day, you might drop 30 lbs in a week! don’t they just exercise all day? yeah, cause 1-2 lbs a week is actually how you should drop weight in a healthy way. interesting. i went on the exercise bike this morning! go me! i just need to quit snacking.

  • 3. Jason&hellip  | 

    For those interested this is the article detailing how they lose so much weight on biggest loser. They are exercising a lot and limiting calories considerably.The Biggest Loser: BodyBugg and Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

  • 4. Lori&hellip  | 

    I have an award for you 🙂

  • 5. THE HYMAS FAMILY&hellip  | 

    I don’t think that Bob and Jillian are really that surprised with the numbers these contestants are starting with on the scale, obviously we can all see they are bigger than before. I think the producers tell them to make their reactions a certain way to make the show “interesting”, they think, to most people. Also, producers like only showing their worst moments on t.v. to make it entertaining, I’d love to see more of the times when they are doing well with the trainers.

  • 6. daisy&hellip  | 

    I think the show contestants are in an artificial situation, and it would be pretty difficult to duplicate that at home. I’d be satisfied with a moderate 2 lbs a week. I’m just glad you’re working with your dude again, and one pound down is better than one pound heavier, girlfriend. Keep it up!

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