Dishes and Double Dates…

January 11, 2009 waterswife

Ugh! Doing the dishes in our apartment is a three part process, and that is why I hate it.

Normally, you put the dishes into the dishwasher, hit start, wait a few hours, take the dishes out and put them away.

Dishes in, dishes out!

Oh no, not at our house! Our dishwasher is incapable of letting the dishes dry. I’ve tried the heated dry, non-heated dry, and letting them sit over night. Each and every time I open that door, the dishes are totally wet! It is just annoying!

So, after the cycle in the washer, the dishes come out and are put into the dish rack to dry.

In our apartment the dish washing process starts with having to empty the dish rack full of DRY things, so that you can load that back up with the stuff from the washer, allowing you to put the stuff in the sink into the washer. I might as well just skip the dishwasher all together, and I would, except I have it in my head that it sterilizes the dishes and I like that.

Alright, right about now my dad is reading this and is about to dial my cell phone to tell me about how when he was 18 or something he worked up in Yellowstone or somewhere and he had to wash ALL the dishes in the restaurant … BYHAND! I know dad, I know…it could be a lot worse.

Moving on! Last night, Tyson and I got to double with my friend and her boyfriend. We had a blast!! We went to Pei Wei and got lettuce wraps (totally within our calories…score!) and then went and saw YES Man. Oh my gosh. LOVED IT!!

Obviously, you have to be a Jim Carrey fan to LOVE it…but I think overall, it’s jut a really funny movie. I counted maybe 5 swear words and I’d say 99% of the movie was CLEAN! (A rarity these days!) Click HERE for a synopsis. And guess who else is in the movie!!! My favorite Elf, Jovie!! I mean Zooey Deschanel. I love that girl’s voice.


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  • 1. Charlotte&hellip  | 

    What a bummer on the dish washing thing. My dishes used to be totally wet when the cycle was finished so I would just open the door several inches (or all the way if you want) and let them dry overnight. That’s pretty much the same as putting them on a rack….and a heck of a lot easier.. Love you!

  • 2. Amy&hellip  | 

    I totally agree. Any and all things you can do to avoid being the one to actually wash the crap off the dishes do it. Even if it was a 17 step process you go through, I would whole-heartedly agree with you!

  • 3. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    i love her voice too!

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