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January 3, 2009 waterswife

I finally uploaded some pictures from my camera and thought I’d share a few of them:

Here is a picture of our attempt to decorate for Christmas. We found Chloe’s stocking right away in the $1 section at Target (of all places!). She loves the color pink (seriously) and we call her bear sometimes, because she looks like a little teddy bear, so this stocking was totally perfect for her!! Maybe by next year, I’ll have her name on it. Tyson and I had a harder time finding our stockings. We wanted them to be similar to each other and also be ones that we’d want to use for many years. We ended up finding these ones at The Quilted Bear. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but they are knitted in the front. Tyson’s is the blue Santa and mine is the red Snowmen. Amazingly enough, Chloe did not even attempt to pull them down, or the garland!

Tyson got me a U of U blanket for Christmas, and Chloe seems to think it’s hers. I’ve got her trained to sleep on her pink blanket (also pictured below), but I often find her asleep on my blankie! Is this what it’s like having kids? Anything that’s your own, you have to share with the kids? HAHA.

We have a creepy neighbor who lives near us. He’s a crazy old man. I swear it’s his goal to run us off the road when he drives past us. Anyway, at night sometimes, his car will glow! I don’t get it. But I did get a picture of it! Maybe it’s his alien mothership calling him home.

And finally, the best news EVER! I could not be more proud of the Utes. No one thought we could do it! And of course, the doubts crept into my mine too. But you know what we have to say about the BCS and their stupidity? “SCREW YOU!!” (sorry for the language, Mom!!) ‘Bama’s stupid coach was such a jerk before the game. Now he, and every single person who doubted us, are eating some humble pie. Alabama is a good team. A really good team. But guess what!! Our UTES are better! With or with out Alabama’s suspended player, we would have won. We were level-headed the whole game and played our hearts out. I really like this clip from ESPN below. It’s funny how all the commentators changed their tone AFTER the game. My favorite fan sign from the game said this: Respect Us!!!!


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  • 1. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    i love your stockings! yes, kids claim all your things…my water bottle and iPod belong to calder (according to her)…i guess that’s how it is. pretty cool Utah won!

  • 2. etta&hellip  | 

    Cute stockings! I never made time to take photos of our first Christmas decorations. 😦

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