I hope my boss doesn’t read this…

December 24, 2008 waterswife

Why am I at work?! Oh, that’s right…because I have Thursday-Sunday off. But seriously, I don’t think it’s possible for me to have more ADHD than I do right now.

I got here at 8:13 AM. 13 minutes late…OR…17 minutes earlier than when I normally get to work. It all depends on how ya wanna look at it. Since arriving here, I’ve done the following:

*Informed all my co-workers that my sister is doing well! (She fell and broke her arm yesterday and had to have surgery in the middle of the night. She has special needs, so this was very scary for us!)

*Opened a present from my Coordinator (like my partner at work. She’s awesome, she’s from England and reminds me TOO much of my mom) She could not have picked out a more perfect present!

*Turned on my computer and logged into the phones at 8:37…yep, it took me 24 minutes to realize I hadn’t logged in. It took me an additional 20 minutes to log into all my programs, as my ADHD was out of control!

*I at my breakfast #2. (On our meal plan, we eat 7 times a day, this meal was rice crackers, half an apple, and some laughing cow cheese)

*Ate some popcorn (NOT on the meal plan)

*Ate lunch #1 (half an apple, a few wheat thins, and some turkey meat)

*Tracked Santa HERE

*Checked all my work programs…yep, they are all ready to go…if I would just start working.

*Called my sister, my other sister’s caseworker, called my sister back, text Tyson several times. (Most of the texts saying how bored I was)

*Called my co-worker (she had left an hour earlier and I missed her!)

*Sat and spun in my chair. They really shouldn’t have given me a chair that spins.

*Applied lip gloss…twice.

*Drank a Diet Mt Dew

*Moved the file I am supposed to be working on, from the rack to my desk.

*Ate lunch #2 (healthy choice soup, some almonds, and a piece of string cheese)

*Re-checked…yep, all my programs are ready for me to work on them!

*Talked to my coworker about the snow.

*Checked on Santa again. He is in Uganda!

*Facebook check.

*Lips gloss reapplied.

And now here we are at 2:40! Just 50 more minutes to go! And I still haven”t worked on that file! haha


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