Sneezes and Sighes

November 28, 2008 waterswife

They came and bagged up all the moldy, rotten leaves from our yard the other day. It was really cool, they used these pieced of fabric to bag them. Anyway, in the process of them blowing the remaining leaves around, they must have stirred up some wicked nasty allergy dust, because today I am feeling it. My nose is stuffy…my throat is so sore…my body is achy. Ugh. Well, if I am going to be sick, today was the day to do it. The holiday is over and I had today and the next two days to lay in bed and recover.

But, I did make a trek to the outer world. My Mother in law hadn’t seen Twilight yet. Wild horses can’t keep me from seeing that movie, so I rolled out of bed and we met her at the Thanksgiving Point theater. (Pretty fitting, I think!) Even though the theater is small, it is super nice! The seats reclined pretty far, and it felt like I was laying in bed watching my Edward in all his glory. HA HA!

I found this clip of Bella’s Lullaby….such a beautiful song! And it looks like they filmed bits of the actual movie, so it’s a tad shaky…but it’ll do until I have the real movie in my possession. The part where Edward plays the piano for Bella is high on my favorite list.

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  • 1. Jamie&hellip  | 

    Hi Aimee!! Thanks for posting on my blog….and I had to tell you I am with ya girl on the whole Jacob thing….like I CANT wait for the next movie (which they’ve started by the way) EXCEPT for the part that Im going to be in depression until I saw our man Edward. I have the soundtrack too,and I love it! So is the score worth buying too??THanks for posting, great to keep in touch too!!Jamie

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