Duh was the more obvious response…

November 20, 2008 waterswife

I’m really glad that I switched to using the gym at my work. Yeah, it’s a bummer to work out alone, but it’s really convenient to just go up one floor from where I have been sitting all day. It’s also awesome, because there are fans EVERYWHERE in this room. I’ve never been cold while working out before! I also took a better picture of the view from the treadmills:

So, the dress code at my work is pretty relaxed. You can wear anything from business attire to jeans and a nice shirt. The only time you ever see some one wearing less than that is when they are coming from or going to the gym.

So the other day I was heading to the elevators at the end of my work out. I was in my sweats and a bright pink tee. As I approached the elevator, I noticed some random guy already there waiting.

You know when you are waiting for an elevator with a stranger, and it’s common courtesy to just stare at the door and wait? Well, this dude did NOT get that memo. I glanced at him awkwardly and he was looking right at me. I smiled and turned back to the elevator door.

“Dang it, could this elevator take longer??” I thought to myself.

It was right at 5 PM, so the elevators were taking forever because they were so full. After a few more seconds of him staring right at me, I turned and smiled again. This time he spoke to me.

“You coming from the gym?” He asked. Um…I am in old sweats and a TEE SHIRT…not to mention I am dripping sweat.

“Yup!” Duh was the more obvious response. The whole confrontation was just creepy. Dude was a weirdo.

Anyway, this story seemed more interesting in my head. LOL. Oh well! Um, THE END!

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  • 1. Mama2hre&hellip  | 

    You are too funny! You’re losing weight and already have guys checking you out! Ok, so it was a creepy one,but let us not stray from the fact that it was indeed a guy who was indeed checking you out. 🙂 Wow! Today it’s a creepy guy at the elevator, next month it will be cat-calls from the top of a construction site! You’re man better hold on tight! 🙂

  • 2. Amy&hellip  | 

    Some people just refuse to get those memo’s huh?! That’s the kind of question that would make Jeff Foxworthy say “Here’s your sign!”

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