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November 15, 2008 waterswife

Alright, I have made a few adjustments to the comment section of our blog.

First of all, I’ve made it possible for EVERYONE to comment. Including you anonymous peeps. (That would mean that you, MOM AND DAD, can now comment on my blog…and please do!!) HOWEVER…I reserve the right to turn this feature off if I receive any comment that is rude, mean, uncalled for, has cuss words, or anything that I deem yucky. So please play nice!

Also, I’ve turned off the word verification. I initially did not have word verification on, but then I got like two random spam messages in a row, so I turned it on. But I know I hate filling out word verification, so I’ve decided to turn it off again.

And lastly, I love comments. LOL, I am not begging for comments (well, not really…), but nothing makes me more happy than when I open my email and see that I’ve got comments!!! And a lot of times, I hit “reply” so that I can email you back in regards to your comment, but I get that no-reply email address. That bums me out. So, please take a moment and follow the following instructions to make it possible for me to email you back! THANKS!

Open your Profile Page
Click Edit Profile
Put check marks in “Share my profile” and “Show my email address”
Under “Identity” and “Email Address”, put the email address you wish for to publish, and have your comment replies to come to
Click Save Profile, and you are done!


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