Should have just done it!

November 14, 2008 waterswife

Remember how I had a goal to hit the gym 4 times this week? Well, I was right on target for that goal. I’ve already gone three times. Two cardio days and one weights.

I had plans to meet up with some old co-workers today for a girls night out…so I arranged the meeting time to be at a time that would allow me to work out real fast after work, get home, shower and run out the door. As the day went on, I got really tired and somewhat of a fuzzy head (which happens when my head is unsure if it wants a migraine, or just to be irritating to me). So, I decided to just bail on the work out, so I could take a quick nap before GNO. On my drive home, I got text after text. So an so has a headache and isn’t coming. What’s her face decided to go to a volleyball game instead. 😦 My GNO unraveled before my eyes. I wasn’t upset about the actual event canceling, because I know we will reschedule. I am more bummed that I gave in and didn’t work out.

I know, I know. I still have tomorrow. And my hubby and I have plans to walk around the complex and explore the country-esque trails through the duck ponds. But I still just am disappointed in myself for being weak.

Alright, pity party is over! 🙂 Tomorrow is a new day! How are ya’ll doing on your work out plans? What do you do to work out? Also, thanks for taking my poll ———> It’s very interesting to see the spread!


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  • 1. Lori&hellip  | 

    I just started a gym membership and didn’t go last night as planned. I will make up for it today. I really feel good afterwards because it is putting good effort to feeling good and looking better! p.s. your blog is great inspiration!! 🙂

  • 2. Amander&hellip  | 

    I didn’t know you had a second blog – I love it! And don’t beat yourself up – you need to take care of all aspects of your life to be a healthy person.

  • 3. Lisa&hellip  | 

    I agree with her ^^^.The biggest part of this battle, I’m learning, is figuring out how to not to beat yourself up. This isn’t about being “good” and “bad”. It’s about making the healthier choice most of the time.Progress, not perfection.P.S. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Me loves me some comments 😉

  • 4. Theresa Cloyd&hellip  | 

    well hey, at least you were going to be walking the next day and that’s like a workout in itself. As for my working out, I have some pilates DVDs an exercise ball and a treadmill. But I don’t have nearly enough time to work out as much as I should.

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