A venting letter

November 14, 2008 waterswife

Dear DHL Delivery Man,

Thank you so much for delivering my package to my doorstep on time and in one piece. HOWEVER, I did leave you a note to take the package to the complex office as it’s contents are rather valuable to me. I know you saw the note, as I had secured it on the clip on our door this morning and when I arrived home said note was missing and my package was sitting on the doorstep. Maybe hurricane force winds blew my note away? Or maybe Chloe, in her plot to kill me, opened the front door, reached up 5 feet and stole my note? Maybe the men who have been raking the leaves all week decided to play a joke on me and stole my note?

Anyway, I did receive my package, so thank you. Just next time, IF there is a next time, please respect my wishes to be over-protective of my package.



PS…Adrienne…in the package was part of your Christmas gift! So you should be glad it was safe, too. haha jk.


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  • 1. Amy&hellip  | 

    It’s my firm belief that DHL/UPS/FedEx delivery workers are a close cousin to Postal Workers. You know the phrase “Going Postal”?? Yeah…they get some kind of sick thrill out of completely dissobeying your specific wishes. Either way, I’m glad your package arrived!

  • 2. beepdave&hellip  | 

    Well, since DHL will be suspending its US operations…maybe he was just being a tool. LOL My friend’s company has been looking at dumping DHL for a while. Although it is VERY sad that so many people will be losing their jobs…DHL never quite was up to par with the “others”.Glad you got your package!!

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