The secret’s out!

November 9, 2008 waterswife

We’ve been keeping a secret from the blog…because we didn’t want my parents to find out…but now they know and most of you know…so I’m gunna spill the beans.

We’re Pregnant!

No, totally just joking!! As I was typing that first line, I realized that is what it sounded like I was going to say. Actually, since May, Tyson and I have been working with a nutrition and exercise consultant! We had both lost about 45 lbs, when a certain financial situation hindered our progress. But now, after a two month hiatus…we are officially going back on the diet tomorrow!! Yup, the food has been purchased, and the meals have been planned. The reason we were keeping it a secret from my parents is because we wanted to surprise them when they got home from their mission…but they found out, so now it’s pointless to keep quiet.

August 3, 2007 (Our Wedding Day!)

August 3, 2008 (Our 1st Anniversary!)

What we’re doing: We’ve been working with a consultant at Total Health and Fitness. Every week we go and meet with Rick and he weighs and measures us and then we talk about what worked and what didn’t over the week. Then we compose a new meal plan for the week and our exercise plan and then off we go! The food is all real food from the grocery store…so it’s usually yummy. And we get to eat 6-7 times a day! It’s nice because our brother, Jason, and his girlfriend Shalauna are on the plan also…so it’s nice having others know what we are going through.

Since we’ve had to take our break, I’ve realized how much I enjoyed the benefits of being on the plan. I sure complained about it a ton…but secretly, I loved seeing my waist shrinking! Also, I didn’t have to take Prevacid (for acid reflux) while we were on it.

So, it’s official. As of Monday morning…please do not offer me any candy…or I will cry! 🙂 I started a blog about our weight loss journey, if you are interested, please feel free to check it out… SuperFat SuperChick. I am being totally brave by sharing that link right now…as this other blog contains super sensitive stuff…like my weight. And up until this moment, only selective people have known about it. Anyway…check it out, but don’t judge me! 🙂


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  • 1. Charlotte&hellip  | 

    Oh my gosh!!! I just felt my heart leap in my chest and literally it skipped a beat when you said you were pregnant! Now I know just what it’s going to feel like when you tell me for reals, cause I about jumped out of my skin with excitement when I read that… And good for you on your eating plan. You two are so cute! I’m proud of you and love you!

  • 2. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    way to go! i was actually reading through my insurance plan last night and saw ours covers weight watchers meetings up to $1000 per year, no permission required. i’m going to call today and find out about it. i’m so glad you are feeling good and that you actually like the plan. it sounds nice to Rick help you out and to have Tyson do it with you. joe is so skinny, it’s really hard for me to eat well all the time when he doesn’t have to.

  • 3. christa&hellip  | 

    That’s so awesome!! I WANT MY WAIST TO SHRINK!!!!! I need to do something! But good for you Aimee- the more people that know- the more that are cheering you on!!

  • 4. Amy&hellip  | 

    Aimee you’re such a good example! I know I’m one of those people who needs the motivation of reporting to someone about my eating/exercising habits. I’m bummed to see there aren’t any Total Health locations near me though 😦

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