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November 7, 2008 waterswife

Just read THIS article…and I thought I’d pose the question to the group:

Would you rather have Gisele’s body….Or a MILLION Dollars?


Which would you pick? One might say that a million Dollars would buy you that body. On the other note, that body might EARN you a million Dollars. Deep thoughts!

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  • 1. Giddy-Up&hellip  | 

    I would totally want Giselle’s body over a million dollars. The enjoyment I would get from being health and fit and looking like that would out weigh the enjoyment from a million bucks. Great thought provoking question!~kristen

  • 2. Lisa&hellip  | 

    A million dollars. No doubt about it. I would make sure that my girls had everything they ever needed and I could stay home with them so they would always have someone to come home to after a hard day. And I’d hire a housekeeper so that I could spend my free time making healthy meals and going to play (gym, martial arts class, rock climbing, etc…..)

  • 3. Theresa Cloyd&hellip  | 

    I would rather the million dollars!

  • 4. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    totally the body…to quote grandpa george, “There’s plenty of money out there. They print more and more every day. But that ticket? There are only five of them in the whole world, and that’s all there’s ever going to be! Only a dummy would give this up for something as common as money. Are you a dummy??”

  • 5. A Slimmer Me&hellip  | 

    Ok, first off, I LOVE Lisa’s reply to this!!!! Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is one of my all time fav movies! LOL High five, Lisa! 🙂 Ok…I would say that I would have to take the money. I could pay off our debt, but a new car, a new home, AND a personal trainer to get us into healthier shape! I’d have Giselle’s body ( ok, well maybe close to it!) with that dinero! LOLHugs,Sarah

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