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November 5, 2008 waterswife

So far, in my lifetime, I’ve been eligible to vote in three presidential elections. I turned 18 in 2000 and was excited that my first time voting would be an important one. I was up at Ricks College and I remember filling out my absentee ballot with a few of my roommates. We had fun using a metal, bent paperclip-looking thing to punch out the hole next to George Bush’s name. I don’t know why I voted for him, other than everyone I knew was voting for him, my family included, so I did too!

In 2004, I was only 22, and still didn’t care much for politics. I voted for Bush again…mostly because I didn’t like Kerry’s face. True story.

In 2008, I actually voted like a responsible adult. All summer long, Tyson and I followed both candidates. We read every article, watched every news story, and listened to every debate as closely as we could. I am proud of my choice for President this year. I am proud because I put a lot of thought into it. I voted with my heart and my mind. I made my own thoughts. I checked and rechecked the facts. I weighed the pro’s and con’s of voting for either candidate and decided that there was only one clear choice for me:I voted for Barack Obama. Whether you voted for him or not, you have to admit that he made history. My mother-in-law said it best today: “Once a man (or woman) is elected as the President of the United states, he is our leader and deserves utmost respect. We may not agree with everything he does, but always support and respect him. That is American.” (sorry to post that without your permission, Mom. But in my defense, I left you a voicemail and asked for it haha)

I don’t want to post about the issues on here…because I am tired of being attacked. That’s the honest truth. But I want to share my favorite pictures of President-elect Barack Obama

I truely love what a family man he is.

I admire how strong their marriage is…I hope it is an example to other Americans.

I just think this is cute
These pics are amazing moments captured on the campaign trail.

The story behind this last picture is interesting! After he hung up the phone, Obama asked the photographer if he was taking a picture of his shoes. The photographer said yes. Obama said that he had resoled his shoes already earlier in the campaign and they had already worn though again. Back when I first started college, my dad gave me a clipping from a newspaper article. In it, it showed a poll of some of the most successful men in America. On this poll, a huge percentage admitted that they resoled their shoes rather than buying new ones. This picture reminded me of that.

I am very eager to see where Barack Obama will take this great nation of ours. Go America, and GO OBAMA!!


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  • 1. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    i hop e you are right. i have a lot of fears about this guy and what he could do to our country with a congress full of democrats now. i don’t like the ties he has to people in kenya and people in our own country. i felt like mccain had nothing to attack regarding his morals or his character and i cannot say that for obama. no one really knows much about obama, except he can speech well and sure has charisma (things hitler had a lot of too). hopefully i’m wrong, i guess we’ll find out. if anything they sure got the black vote out and 70% of the blacks voted FOR prop 8 which probably made it pass in CA, so I am thankful to the democrats for that.

  • 2. lisa (lost pezhead)&hellip  | 

    pswell i think everyone knows Bush was not a good pres. i don’t think he ruined our country or anything, but i don’t think he did anything for our country either. i don’t blame him for the economic crisis either, but really kerry wasn’t a good choice. there wasn’t much to choose from in those 2 elections!

  • 3. christa&hellip  | 

    good for you Aimee! Amen to everything you said about caring about the election this year- I was the same. I too voted for Obama and have taken a lot of crap from my family- I have my reasons as I am sure they have theirs for not, but it was nice to read this post- thanks!

  • 4. Amy&hellip  | 

    I liked the story behind the last picture. Really moving indeed. I’m glad you got out there and made your voice heard. It felt nice for me too voting this year and wanting to be involved in the process.

  • 5. Adriana&hellip  | 

    I loved when he was making his speech and Michelle went up to him and I can’t remember if it was as she was walking towards him or she and the girls were walking off stage to let him talk – but she told him, and you could totally tell what she was saying “I love you.” Those words mean so much to me and I love seeing people say it to each other 🙂 (I’m such a sap! LOL)

  • 6. K and/or K&hellip  | 

    Love love love these pictures! What a great week!

  • 7. My Journey&hellip  | 

    Hey! Kerstin here. I totally agree with you 100%. I, too, took the time to evaluate both candidates. While no one is perfect, I definately feel that Barack Obama was the best choice for this time in America. What a great campaign and what a great day for America. Obviously, no one can fix our country overnight. But change is good, even if it’s one step at a time!

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