Wish List…

October 27, 2008 waterswife

Forget the Christmas list, here is my “When I am skinny list”:

-I want to go to a theme park and enjoy the rides I haven’t been able to fit into for years
-I want to be able to shop at a regular store. Even if I only fit into their “XL”.
-I want to take a hip hop aerobics class…and not look like a fool.
-Ditto to a yoga class
-I want to become a jogger
-I want to wear a swimsuit WITHOUT a tank top and shorts over them at all times
-I want to retake our engagement pictures and feel good about how I look in them
-I want to take fun and crazy pictures and not worry about how I look in them lol
-I want to be a U of U cheerleader for Halloween one year and look HOT
-I want to be a cute mommy
-I want to be a cute pregnant girl and shop at cute pregnant clothes stores.

I really hope that this time next year, I will have been able to cross off several of these on my list. Kids are still a few years out for us…but I want the possibility of looking cute to be there! lol

What is on your “when I am skinny” list?

P.S. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to look like Sara Ramirez. Curvy, yet totally HOT!


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  • 1. Mama2hre&hellip  | 

    Hi! I found your blog via the OSB blog. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I must say, my “skinny list” looks VERY similar to yours! I’m finally making a honest effort to loose weight for my sister’s wedding. She’s asked me to be her MOH and I don’t want to look like a cow in the photos! Good luck on your weight loss journey! I’ll need to check back often! 🙂

  • 2. Theresa Cloyd&hellip  | 

    I think I have many of the same items on my skinny list. I love Sara Ramirez. She is super hot on Grey’s anatomy. Good luck on your goals this year!

  • 3. Linda&hellip  | 

    Hi, I just found your blog!I have a similar list especially buying clothes in regular stores. I will be so happy when I can buy pants at the Gap! Good luck on those goals!

  • 4. Katie&hellip  | 

    Great list Aimee! Love it! Theme parks were always an issue for me as well as flying in an airplane comfortably. And it was fantastic to be able to be in Aruba and not worry about tank top and shorts! You are going to be there, 40 lbs already is HUGE! You rock and you are an amazing inspiration!

  • 5. Ashley Griffin&hellip  | 

    oh the things we wish for… i hope that you reach EVERY one of those goals!! i have finally made it to the regular side of the store and let me tell you it felt so good there is NO way i am ever going back to the other side…

  • 6. Monty&hellip  | 

    Awesome list! I will totally meet you at Lagoon ;)You are going to be an adorable cute pregnant girl!My list has a pair of Seven jeans!Ooh, and I can see you totally looking hot like Sara Ramirez!

  • 7. Lisa&hellip  | 

    Found you from OSB, too! Confession…I have a girl crush on Callie. I wish I was Callie.:-)

  • 8. A Slimmer Me&hellip  | 

    Ok, I have no clue who Sara is ( but just read that she’s from Grey’s….no wonder, I have never watched that show! LOL) but she is beautiful! I am so greatful for full-figured women like her…she proves that you don’t have to be super model skinny to be a knock-out!!I know that you are going to be everything on your list, Aimee…I have faith in you AND me! 🙂 Love ya,Sarah

  • 9. Cortney&hellip  | 

    Hey lady, I was reading some backlogged posts since I found you after you’d been blogging for awhile. I would highly suggest you go ahead and do yoga! I adore it, it has changed my body completely. If you’re uncomfortable doing it at the gym get a power yoga/fat blast video. It’s gentle on your joints and really kicks my @$$. Also, I noticed I just naturally started feeling better when I did it, and started paying more attention to what went into my body. Do it just to try it 🙂

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