But I was nice about it!!

October 13, 2008 waterswife

So last week I ran into the store real fast to pick up a diet 7-Up and some crackers before my nail appointment. (I still had the stomach flu at that point) I was gone for maybe 5 minutes. When I came out, I found this:Oh thank you, jerk truck driver! This picture does not even do it justice. I mean, it took me TWICE as long to pull out of this spot as it did for me to run into the store! Ugh. Come on! Is it really THAT hard to back up and try your parking job again? This is a generalization (and no offense to my two brothers who drive trucks, because they are good drivers) but I get so sick of (most) truck drivers and how they think they own the world! I am sorry, but me and my tin car own just as much of the road AND parking lot as you! Phew, that was a good rant.

Rather than punching the driver’s lights out…which I really wanted to do, because I felt sooo sick that day, I wrote this lovely little note. And even drew a heart! Knowing my luck, the driver probably never saw my darling little heart note…it probably flew off the windshield as they zoomed outta there.


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